Outdoorsy Canna-Products to Enjoy Before It's Too Cold to Camp
These wilderness-friendly cannabis products will make the remainder of your fall as exciting as the coming winter will be boring.
Published on October 19, 2017

While most people think the holiday season begins with Thanksgiving, the truth is that the inevitable spiral into selfless fund allocation, pumpkin pie, and plaid table cloths starts the day after Halloween. Waking up November 1st, hungover, you're streaked in glitter or the remnants of whatever makeup theme coincided with the costume that at one point in the night went from bad to worse. It's only a matter of time before the warm leaves that painted the tree outside your window have fallen away. Couples who once walked leisurely wrapped in scarves in the crisp fall air, instead sit inside watching Netflix, arguing about whose turn it is to pay for the Postmates. Money you would have spent on drunken antics or clothes you don't need suddenly must be redirected for the sake of *sigh* other people, in the form of plane tickets home and gifts your family will pretend to like. The holidays are coming, people, so get some fun in while you can.

In addition to the pending onslaught of obligation, this is perhaps the last week to enjoy yourself while the beauty of nature is in full force. Go camping! Take a road trip through a national park! Hell, jump in the ocean if you're a thug like that. Here are some outdoor-friendly cannabis products to make the remainder of your fall as exciting as the coming winter will be boring.

Camping Weekend: Altai Watermelon Soothers

If there's one mistake I've made far too many times, it's bringing chocolate edibles on outdoor excursions. Even when the air is cool, the sun will still melt the chocolate to mess of mush that's impossible to dose. Last weekend in Death Valley, I took an accidental trip to the stars when a Moon Bar melted into a 200mg THC puddle that I unknowingly ate the majority of.

Enter Altai's Watermelon Soothers, hard little candies whose simple ingredients of watermelon and sugar will bring you back to a warmer, less stressful time. Available in 10mg or 25mg THC (sativa or indica), they're the perfect, structurally-sound companion for a weekend in the sun.

Visit Altai's website for more on their cannabis treats

Scenic Day Hike: Roll Uh Bowl

Have you ever hiked to the top of a mountain, looked out over the rolling terrain you've conquered, and thought to yourself (probably while attempting to get a solid pull off a one hitter), I wish I had a bong? So have I, and so have the people behind this genius little invention.

The Roll Uh Bowl is a silicone water pipe that can be folded into a perfect and tiny package, then thrown in any backpack or other outdoor receptacle. Unbreakable, safe, and convenient, the alloy bowl with roller ball downstem is removable and can be fastened with a silicone storage band. Standing 8" tall when unfolded, pour out some water from your Nalgene bottle and toke away.

Visit Roll Uh Bowl's website for more on their compact smoking devices

Road Trip: HerbaBuena "Feel Better" CBD Mini Pre Rolls

Cannabis and road trips have a long, sordid history. Highs are defined by experiences of pure elation, like driving on a straight shot through the desert while Primal Scream's seminal album Screamadelica blasts through the speakers, everyone singing along while thinking to themselves that it doesn't get much better. Lows, on the other hand, come in the form of missed turns, arrest records, and, jah forbid, crashed cars.

For a bummer-free cannabis road trip, pick up a pack of HerbaBuena's "Feel Better" CBD Mini Pre-rolls. Made with organic, sun-grown CBD rich flowers, 10 pre-rolls total 4 grams of Karuna flower in the pack. These little joints deliver the anxiety-easing, physical euphoria of marijuana without the mental convolution that can lead to mistakes big and small. And, they're small enough that your car won't permanently smell like pot, a particularly helpful feature when crossing state lines.

For more on HerbaBuena's "Feel Better" Pre-Rolls, visit the company's website here

Backpacking Trip: Forest Nymph Botanicals Pain Relief Tincture

Backpacking into the unknown — far from cell towers and the impending doom associated with being reachable by your boss 24/7 — can be one of the most freeing and beautiful experiences in life. The only problem? It's hard. Super hard. Carrying all the food, water, and other accoutrement one would need for a solid chunk of time is taxing, especially when hiking uphill.

For the inevitable aches and pains that come with a multi-day backpacking trip, try Forest Nymph Botanicals Pain Relief Tincture. High in CBD, low in THC, (175mg of active CBD and 8mg THC per 30ml bottle), it's great for rapidly treating physical pain while maintaining the mental wherewithal to navigate the depths of nature without a GPS.

In addition to the CBD, the tincture blends lavender oil (known to treat mild skin irritations like burns or insect bites, as well as calm the nerves) with Manuka honey, which boasts antibacterial and stomach-soothing properties capable of helping to cure your insides of anything funky you may encounter out there — water, food, or otherwise.

For more on Forest Nymph Botanicals, visit the company's website here

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