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Oreo’s New Peep-Flavored Easter Cookies are Turning Tongues, Saliva, and Everything Else Bright Pink

On "National Oreo Cookie Day," reports are popping up all over Twitter about the new flavor’s ability to turn bowel movements pink.

by Zach Harris

Today is National Oreo Cookie Day. We’re not sure who decided that March 6th would be a good day for an Oreo-themed holiday, but it’s on the Internet, so it must be true, right?

But while we stock up on packages of double-stuffed to quell tonight’s inevitable munchies, reports from Twitter claim that the cookie’s newest flavor, a collaboration with Peeps marshmallows, is turning tongues, saliva, and even bowel movements the same hue of hot pink as the cookie’s cream filling.



Easter may still be over a month away, but according to these reports, eating a pack of Peeps Oreos this week might leave your tongue, and poop, bright pink until it’s time for colored eggs and chocolate bunnies.



The Oreos aren’t dangerous, but do pack a large amount of food dye into each cookie, so be careful. And if you still need something to fill your National Oreo Day fix, don’t worry, there are still plenty of flavors of creme-filled cookies that won’t turn your bowel movements bright pink.


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Zach Harris is a writer based in Philadelphia whose work has appeared on Noisey, First We Feast, and Jenkem Magazine. You can find him on Twitter @10000youtubes complaining about NBA referees.



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