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New Balance Numeric's Team Shreds Through the American Southeast in "Rooks of Hazzard"

Rivers, ripping, and rural tripping.

by Rainey Cruz

In their latest edit, “Rooks of Hazzard,” New Balance Numeric gathers up their squadron for a grassroots and bare-boned trip through America’s Southeast.

The Transworld Skateboarding-assisted short features team riders Franky Villani, Tyler Surrey, Jack Curtin, Marius Syvanen, Jordan Trahan, Anthony Schultz, Chad Tim Tim, and Levi Brown trekking through rural towns and paddling through alligator-filled rivers for nuggets of skate spot gold. Along the trip they discover rails, plazas, ledges, ramps, and re-claimed halfpipes of epic proportions.

The trek itself may have been down and dirty, but the resulting footy is clean and inspiring to watch. Many of the hammers are treated to multiple camera angles, and even some of the flowiest of street lines gets a matching traveling shot to really gives the skateboarding a tastefully cinematic feel. Filmers James Messina and Russell Houghten do an incredible job of capturing the adventure in vivid high-definition—almost every trick looks and feels postcard worthy.

“Rooks of Hazzard” reminds us of the beauty of foraging for forgotten locales and the kinship formed during backland adventures. Skateparks and plazas are great, but sometimes we all need a little journey. Watch this one here.  



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Rainey Cruz is a Caribbean-born spirit based in New York City with interests in art, music, skateboarding, mysticism, street, and world culture.



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