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Watch The New Trailer for Season 2 of Netflix’s 'Narcos'

Who Killed Pablo Escobar?

by Hadrien Turner

If you are an avid watcher of Netflix’s spectacular crime drama series Narcos, which mostly follows the cat and mouse game between law enforcement and real life cocaine drug lord “El Padrino” Pablo Escobar, then you have been waiting with baited breath for the next season to drop.

Netflix announced Tuesday, all 10 episodes of Season 2 of Narcos will be available on September 2nd.


At the end of Season 1 Pablo was the run after escaping his private prison La Catedral. If the first season was about mostly about his rise, then the second season is definitely about his fall (spoiler alert!), as the marketing is pushing #WhoKilledPablo as a the promotional tag for the series.

With the surprise of whether Escobar dies or lives out of the way, the trailer seems to promise a great deal of bloodshed and violence, in short; a drug war. We couldn’t be more excited for such a terrible thing.

Watch the trailer and fear not, Season 2 is only 10 days away!


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Hadrien Turner is a music and skate junkie based in Athens, GA who has written for publications like Mass Appeal and The Ride Channel.



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