Morgan Heritage Announces Cannabis Delivery Service Partnership with Proper Rx
The reggae group is investing in the “FedEx of the Marijuana industry.”
Published on June 20, 2017

Grammy-winning reggae group Morgan Heritage have announced a new partnership with California cannabis provider Proper Rx to provide a HIPAA-compliant cannabis delivery service to the Bay Area. The service will allow MMJ patients who do not have access to cars, who are handicapped, or are too ill to leave their homes to receive medicine delivered to their door. Proper Rx offers patients a“consultation to determine course of treatment,” “safe and secure delivery,” and a “follow up consultation to adjust the initial course of treatment as patient progresses.”

“We have signed on as a shareholder in an effort to take an amazing local business from Oakland, CA, across the state and subsequently across the country in states where medical Marijuana is legal,” vocalist and percussionist Mojo Morgan said.  “Last year I was sent by the Group to spend 2 weeks with the Proper Rx owner Elliott Marshall and his staff to truly understand what they do. I quickly realized that the services they were rendering far exceeded the recreational use of Marijuana.”

“As members of a large family and as parents in our own right, we jumped at the opportunity to make the world know about how this thriving entrepreneurial effort was changing lives via a safe and secure HIPAA compliant delivery service,” Morgan continued. “After just one week I told Elliott that he has brilliantly discovered the future FedEx of the Marijuana industry and we just want to lend our voices to make people aware of the great work Proper Rx was doing in Oakland, CA and help to bring their services to medically needy patients across the country.”

In addition to this new partnership, Morgan Heritage have announced a listening party for their new album Avrakedabra, which will be held in Oakland on June 24th, and will feature a 420 marketplace.

Chris Moore
Chris Moore is a New York-based writer who has written for Mass Appeal while also mixing records and producing electronic music.
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