Mira's Marijuana Memes of the Week (July 6th, 2018)
A guide to the dankest digital content we found this week. These are objectively the funniest memes floating around the web because my opinion is law. Enjoy!
Published on July 6, 2018

Hello, fellow smokers. My name is Mira Gonzalez, and I'm a writer and illustrator from Los Angeles. You might know me from the two books I've published… Just kidding! You probably know me as the girl who drank a bottle of weed lube and ended up high for three days. Nice to re-meet you :)

As social media manager for MERRY JANE, I somehow tricked my coworkers into thinking I'm funny online, so they asked me to start a weekly #content column focusing on THC-friendly found images.

And look, I know the Internet is mostly a flaming bag of feces that we've conditioned ourselves to stomp on time and time again, despite knowing better. At the same time, we're in too deep and have no chance of letting go of all those 1's and 0's. Plus, the web is damn funny — if you know where to look.

I'd like this column to serve as a guide to some of the internet's funniest content, a resource for finding lulz without having to dig into the digital mess yourself. On that note, here are 10 things I found online this week that made me laugh. This is objectively the best content online, because my opinion is law. Enjoy!

1. Pray 4 Tony:

2. Waluigi invented Big Dick Energy. Don’t question me. I am willing to die on this hill:

3. I’m feeling really attacked right now:

via @thebowiecat

4. I’m doing some research on this. I will keep you posted about the results:

via @jamieleecurtisofficial

5. 4th of July is really confusing for me because I love grilling and fireworks, but I hate America:

6. Who is appropriating who?

via @voyage_of_the_meme

7. Honestly seems pretty accurate:

8. Life goals:

9. Raccoons. Are. Going. To. Kill. Us. All.

via @kyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyle

10. Agreed.

11. (BONUS!) The greatest video of the week. No questions asked:



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Mira Gonzalez
Mira Gonzalez [b. 1992] is a writer and illustrator from Los Angeles, California. She is the author of 2 word books and 1 picture book. One time she was a finalist for an award, but then she lost to the dead guy who wrote Lord of the Rings. She tweets:
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