MERRY JANE's Guide to All of Snoop Dogg's 2020 Holiday High-Jinks
Uncle Snoop never takes a day off. And the 2020 holiday season is no exception.
Published on December 24, 2020

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Despite the coronapocalypse, Snoop Dogg took zero vacations this year — unlike, say, a certain US president. In fact, the Boss Dogg worked overtime during the pandemic, hustling hard to raise funds for those struggling due to COVID-19 while guaranteeing free, hot meals to healthcare workers on the frontlines

And while on his way bidding farewell to the roller coaster ride called 2020, Snoop locked in some of his biggest projects to date just in time for the holidaze. 

So, what’s Snoop been up to this month? In short, he jumped into a hip-hop supergroup with some of Cali’s most influential rap legends, dropped some new Christmas tunes to spice up the playlists, launched his own gin brand (juice sold separately), got his bake on with Martha Stewart (yet again) — and he’s gearing up to host his very own virtual New Year’s Eve party. 

For the full lowdown on all of Uncle Snoop’s holiday high-jinks, read on. 

Snoop Dropped Two New Uber-Funky Christmas Tracks 

Tired of the same ol’ Christmas songs that play on rotation at every department store until January 2? Yours truly dropped a two-track EP this month, called Funky Christmas, which includes the title track with October London, as well as “The Greatest Gift.” Both tracks reignite that George Clinton Parliament Funkadelic nostalgia, a classic style which heavily influenced Snoop and Dr. Dre’s signature sounds back in the ‘90s. 

Snoop Joined a Hip-Hop Supergroup with Too $hort, Ice Cube, and E-40

Snoop’s been droppin’ like it’s hot for nearly three damn decades. That made him the perfect addition to Too $hort’s new hip-hop supergroup, Mount Westmore, which also includes fellow Golden State icons E-40 and Ice Cube. And given that these cats have been steady ballin’ for a long, long time, it’s not about the clout or the cash. 

“Long story short man, we made a lot of songs,” $hort said during a Breakfast Club interview earlier this month. “We just some OGs…. I feel we’re doing this for hip-hop. And we said that…you could be doing it for the bag. Nobody don’t need the bag!”

Snoop Rolled Out His Own Brand of Gin

In May 2018, Snoop commemorated his 1994 Grammy-nominated hit “Gin and Juice” by making the world’s largest gin-and-juice cocktail — ever. The mix was so massive it literally got inducted into the Guiness Book of World Records

Two years later, the D-O-G-G partnered with Trusted Spirits and finally unveiled his own drinkable brand, INDOGGO Gin. Just add juice. 

INDOGGO ain’t no regular gin, either. Five-times distilled and infused with orange, cassia, coriander, and strawberry, INDOGGO only lightly tastes of juniper berries. It’s so, so naturally sweet on its own that the juice is totally optional.

Snoop Also Became the New Face of Corona Beer

Speaking of booze, Snoop struck a $10-million endorsement deal with the Mexican-Belgian pale ale, Corona. 

“The bosses at Corona... liked Snoop’s take on how he lives his life — he’s easy-going and makes the best of every situation,” an anonymous insider told The Sun. “Given what has been going on with coronavirus, they needed to make sure the brand came out on top, without making light of what’s been a really hard year for so many people.”

Snoop and Martha Teamed Up Once Again to Get Baked 

Martha Stewart, a.k.a. M. Diddy, has long been Snoop’s partner in primetime crime. Reuniting to get baked — as in, baking some holiday treats — Martha and Snoop whipped up some festive cookies, decorated by Snoopadelic himself. Martha posted video and photos of the cookies, which resembled dank pot leaves, on her Instagram. 

Snoop Launched His Own Boxing League, The Fight Club

Tyler Durden’s first rule of Fight Club was, “You do not talk about Fight Club.” 

Fuck that noise. 

When Snoop is the MC of Fight Club, he will most definitely be talking about Fight Club. In fact, during his boxing league’s first hyped fight — a bout between retired heavyweights “Iron Lungs” Mike Tyson and Roy Jones, Jr. — Snoop stole the show with his snappy, off-the-cuff commentary. 

And more pugilistic matches between the sport’s legends will come sometime in 2021. Stay tuned.

Snoop Will Headline His Very Own Virtual NYE Special with TBS

At the end of 2017, CNN made television history with one of most-watched NYE specials of all time. How? The network spent the entire night broadcasting live from a weed tour bus shuttling devoted tokers through the heart of the Mile High City, Denver, Colorado. And yes, MERRY JANE was there, gettin’ lit with the likes of Randi Kaye, Andy Cohen, and Anderson Cooper. 

CNN won’t be making any heady excursions this year like it did back then. So that leaves this new year’s weeded antics to none other than Snoop Dogg himself. 

On December 30, at 11PM ET, Snoop will kick-off a live virtual party from his Compound in Los Angeles for TBS. He’ll be joined by his homies from the upcoming TBS talent show, Go-Big Show, with fellow celebrity judges Rosario Dawson, Bert Kreischer, Cody Rhodes, and Jennifer Nettles, Variety reported. Expect some extra surprise guests to drop by the Compound, too. DJ Cassidy, DJ Battlecat, and Fredwreck will spin super-dope tunes while everyone dances into 2021. 

During the event, viewers can also take a virtual tour of Snoop’s Compound, which includes the Doggyland Casino, along with Snoop’s personal arcade and his fan-made portraits gallery. 

If you’re gonna be chillin’ at home on NYE, you might as well break out the chronic and rolling papers, and RSVP for Snoop’s virtual NYE party at

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