MERRY JANE’s Goods of the Month: High-Tech Pot Products That Will Blow Your Mind
This month, we’re spotlighting some groovy ganja gear from the folks at G-Pen, Tutti, and Birthjays. Plus, we've got a DIY home grow device, sexy sublingual strips, and a seltzer brand that's downright miraculous.
Published on October 23, 2019

Lead image via Miracle Seltzer

Welcome to MERRY JANE’s Goods of the Month, a column where we’ll be highlighting the staff’s favorite cutting-edge products, innovations, and updates in the world of weed and beyond. We smoke a lot of pot here — and we’re always itching to try the latest and greatest stuff that fits under the 420 umbrella. 

This month, we’re spotlighting a DIY home grow device that can fit in your kitchen; some blazin’ birthday candles that double as joints; a tripped-out seltzer brand that is downright miraculous; bubble hash flower toppers that will help customers “buy low and get high”; and some other groovy gear. 

So, before you drop your hard-earned cash at your local pot shop, browse through some of our latest faves to get some ideas on what’s poppin’ and droppin’ this month.

GPen Connect

I’m not a big dabber, partially because I live in New York, where access to quality concentrates is severely limited. But another reason I favor flower over dabs is that I don’t like using a butane torch, which tends to freak out guests and prevents on-the-go use. Plus, I don’t want a designated dab station in my apartment that takes up space and acts as an eyesore. 

The G Pen Connect, however, is one of the most dynamic innovations I’ve come across in the cannabis tech space — and may be the tool that forever changes my tune about dabbing. This device can seamlessly attach to any glass rig, and effectively replaces your torch and e-nail. In other words, it’s an attachable ceramic heating element that can pair with any glass-on-glass water pipe. Just attach it to your gear, fill it up with your preferred product, and within five seconds it will heat your concentrates and produce vapor with it’s “patented reverse airflow technology” — no blowtorch needed. 

While the Puffco Peak is a sexy e-rig, it’s not conducive for mobile consumption and has a steep price point starting at around $350. The G Pen Connect, however, is only $150 and can easily fit in any backpack or purse. Just find someone with a glass rig, and you’re good to go. Oh, and did we mention it has a spring-loaded carb release button, enabling users to clear the chamber in one fell swoop? If this device doesn’t turn me into a dedicated dabber, I don’t know what will! 

~ Tommy Toohigh 

For more on the G Pen Connect, visit the company’s website here


Aria's Birthjays

The holidays are coming up, which means there are zillions of parties on the horizon. That can be a major anxiety trigger, especially if you’ve got any birthdays that need celebrating. Thankfully, there’s a new product on the block that not only makes for a rad gift, but it can also benefit the entire party: Aria’s Birthjays

It’s a pack of five pre-roll cones that you fill up with weed, stick in a cake, light on fire, and then puff your stoned wishes into the sky. (We hear that’s how they come true!)

But Birthjays aren’t just for celebrating birthdays. Lighting a menorah this holiday season? Throw in some Birthjays. Celebrating Jesus’s birthday? Bake him a cake and burn these joint candles for him. Hey, if it’s good enough for Snoop Dogg’s birthday, it’ll be good enough for your pals!

Ultimately, these candle-joints are perfect for any celebration that calls for good times, making wishes, eating food, and getting blazed — without any drama. So, if the approaching holiday season has you stressed out, Birthjays might be exactly what you need. You can be the light of the party by getting everyone lit. Or you can give these dope birthday candles as a gift, so someone else can be the light of the party. Either way, you’ll be remembered for giving a gift that burns bright! 

~ Indigo Kelly

For more on Aria’s Birthjays, visit the company’s website here


Miracle Seltzer

Two of my favorite things on this hellscape we call Earth are seltzer and art that appeals to stoned people. Therefore, when I first touched my extremely chapped lips to a can of Miracle Seltzer, it was like Neptune himself had responded with a sweet bubbly kiss that quenched my thirst and soothed my aching soul. And g’damn did I kiss back — with tongue! 

Let’s be clear, though: This is no CBD-infused seltzer of the bourgeois variety. It has nothing to do with cannabis, though weed smokers will undoubtedly love it. If anything, the brand straddles two ideologies. On one hand, it’s a no-frills can of sparkling water (“a soft seltzer,” as a friend described the carbonation intensity). On the other, it’s an interdisciplinary art project created by the hyper-talented rippers ‘n grippers B. Thom Stevenson and Jason S. Wright. 


To quote the founders: 

"Looking for new and uncharted territory that would push their creative practices, an idea for a seltzer company that doubled as conceptual art piece in the Fluxus tradition of artist multiples was born. From there, they saw a way to combine their love of limited editions, fashion, and art direction in a lifestyle brand based around Earth's greatest natural resource by simply adding bubbles.” 

What does this mean, exactly? On top of hawking bubbles, Miracle Seltzer is curating pop-ups and dropping limited edition ephemera. They currently have Miracle clothing available at Token NYC, and also released a 300-page “Miracle Reader” that features a medley of repurposed imagery and text… all related to miracles. Heady, right? 


Developing a seltzer brand may seem like commonplace capitalism, but these trippers have elevated a product launch into literal art. After all, who creates an artbook-sized journal about freaking miracles instead of dropping a cookie-cutter press release about fizzy water? Talented freaks who want to shake things up, that’s who! Just don’t shake the cans… 

We’ll leave you with this last quote from the Miracle makers: 

"Lower your brainwaves and open your eyes really wide. There are miracles all around you. Each can is your one way ticket to a new dimension where you will experience 100% pure psychic love. Miracle is seltzer for the mind, body, and spirit. Miracle is a seltzer to make your dreams come true.”

~ Zach Sokol

For more on Miracle Seltzer, visit the company’s website here and follow ‘em on Instagram



Growing your own weed at home is one of the greatest perks offered by legalization. You’ll always know exactly which strains you have on hand, as well as total control over any nutrients or other additives that go into your grow. 

But gardening ganja at home comes with a few complications. The biggest one is the smell, which could expose your residence as a grow site. Another problem is maintaining the grow’s humidity, air flow, temperature, and light exposure, all of which are necessary for success. Then, there are the finicky feeding and watering schedules, which can quickly become disruptive for anyone who has a job, kids — or a life.

For the home grower who wants to cultivate their own weed without all of the above-mentioned hassles, consider planting a Seedo home-grow unit anywhere in your crib. 

The Seedo is a self-contained, fully-automated herb-growing box. When closed, it forms a hermetic seal that keeps out pests and other undesirable elements. Each one comes equipped with CO2 tanks to ensure your weed can breathe, and its built-in AI regulates the Seedo’s cultivation environment in real-time. That means you don’t gotta worry about nutrients, watering, light cycles, temperature, or any of that other agricultural stuff. You can literally plant your seed, clone, or tissue culture into the unit, close the door, and let the Seedo do its thing. You can even monitor the Seedo’s settings and view the grow anywhere, anytime, with a phone app provided by the company.

While the Seedo is ideal for growing weed until the end of its vegetative stage, you could grow mature plants in the unit, as well. If you go this route, consider a miniature sea-of-green strategy or bonsai for keeping your weed’s height at a manageable level while still producing deliciously dank buds with just a little more effort than it takes to stock your refrigerator. 

Full disclosure: Uncle Snoop, recently became the brand ambassador for Seedo. And if Snoop knows anything (besides music, sushi, and running a business empire), it’s how to grow some primo pot.

~ Dominic Swain 

For more on Seedo, visit the company’s website here



Tutti’s Flower Topper

Full disclosure: MERRY JANE loves the folks behind Biscotti Brands, and we consider these hash purveyors to be dear friends. So when we heard that these Italian marijuana maestros were creating a new product line called Tutti, we obviously were stoked to try their latest epicurean endo offering. And damn does this stuff slap, mio amico. 

Tutti is Italian for “intended for all,” and that’s just what the Italian Stallions mean: The product is a bubble hash “flower topper” that can be sprinkled into joints, bongs, and pipes. Think of it as ready-to-go kief — no grinder scraping necessary. 

And the best part? Tutti offers jars filled with the powder, as well as pre-packaged bags containing a mix of ground-up flower and bubble hash. The pouch costs only $5 bucks, and includes enough weed for a gigantic joint. The one-gram hash containers go for a chill $16. Tutti wants to help customers “buy low and get HIGH,” and their pouches are the perfect “break glass in case of emergency” item to keep in your stash. Bellissimo

~ Tommy Toohigh

For more on Tutti, visit their website here and follow them on Instagram


Olo Sublingual Strips

Sometimes smoking weed isn’t an option. Maybe you have roommates who aren’t 420-friendly, or maybe you’re traveling to a locale that staunchly prohibits weed. Regardless of why, there are times when puffing on that sweet, sweet cheeba is simply a no-go. 

What about edibles, you say? Sure, but sometimes edibles reek of weed, too. And maybe you’re not particularly hungry. Enter: Olo sublingual strips. They’re weightless, they don’t stink, they don’t have bulky packaging, and the brand offers a variety of dosages so you can customize your high. 

Need to concentrate? Olo has a low-dose strip to heighten focus. Need to chill the fuck out? The company’s got a strip for that, too. Plus, the sublingual technology ensures that the high hits quicker than traditional edible consumption — it only takes 10-15 minutes for these babies to kick in! Microdosing weed has never been so liberating and discreet!

~ Indigo Kelly

For more on Olo’s Sublingual Strips, visit the company’s website here


Coda Signature’s “Coffee & Doughnuts” Chocolate Bar

Weed-infused chocolates have been around forever, but Coda Signature took these delectable edibles to an interstellar level. Based in the tiny Colorado border town of Trinidad, Coda’s infused chocolate recipes are designed by Lauren Glockley, a classically trained chocolatier who studied at l’Ecole du Grand Chocolat in France, one of the world’s most elite chocolate culinary schools founded and managed by Valrhona, an international luxury chocolate company.

Coda’s chocolates don’t boast your typical weed chocolate flavors, like peanut-butter or blueberry chocolate (but those are great, too!). As a self-styled luxury brand itself, Coda’s infused truffles resemble polished marbles of modern art, and they come in flavors like “Passion” — which is passion fruit combined with Szechuan peppercorns — and “Tiramisu,” inspired by the Italian dessert that combines espresso, mascarpone cheese, cream, and lightly sweetened ladyfinger biscuits. 

In addition to truffles, Coda makes some wickedly crafted chocolate bars, too. Despite Coda’s impressively high-class chocolate lines, its most popular product is probably its most blue-collar and down-to-earth: the “Coffee and Doughnuts” chocolate bar. Made with toasted milk and dusted with cinnamon sugar, Coda’s “Coffee and Doughnuts” chocolate tastes exactly like a glazed doughnut dipped in a cup of fresh, hot coffee.  

The only downside to Coda’s “Coffee and Doughnuts” (or any of its chocolates, really) is that at 10mg THC per serving, most people can’t gorge on these amazingly mouth-watering edibles. And Coda Signature’s products are only available in Colorado and California (for now), so if you don’t reside in either of those states, consider visiting them just to try this flavor that pairs perfectly with a chill Sunday breakfast.

~ Dominic Swain

For more on Coda Signature, visit the company’s website here

Stay tuned for our next products column in a few weeks! If you have any suggestions for pot swag we should try out, email us at [email protected]. Stay smoking, y’all! 

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