MERRY JANE’s Goods of the Month: A Mother’s Day Gift Guide for 2020
A guide to marijuana-themed Mother’s Day presents, ranging from amateur-friendly accessories, to premium weed treats that would even make Dabbing Granny shed a tear.
Published on May 6, 2020

Welcome back to MERRY JANE’s Goods of the Month, a column where we highlight the staff’s favorite cutting-edge products, innovations, and updates in the world of weed. We smoke a lot of pot here — and we’re always itching to try the latest and greatest stuff that fits under the 420 umbrella. 

It’s Mother’s Day this Sunday, and we want to celebrate marijuana mammas everywhere. First, you should check out our round-up of quotes from famous moms about why weed makes them better parents. Then, you should call your own damn mom and express some love, especially if she’s down with the sweet leaf! 

If you’d like to share your gratitude with a physical token of your appreciation, why not give your ma (or whoever raised you!) the gift of ganja? And that’s exactly what MERRY JANE is here to help you with: picking out some next-level pot presents that will light up your parent’s life.

So without further ado, here are our staff picks for marijuana-themed Mother’s Day presents, ranging from amateur-friendly accessories, to premium weed treats that would even make Dabbing Granny shed a tear. 



Giving your mom a candle for Mother’s Day is a tried-and-true winner. But for the 420-friendly parent, why not combine the gift of aromatic light with the gift of ganja? Meet CandleBudz, a new company that’s teamed up with some of the Golden State’s biggest bud brands like Cookies and Sherbinskis to bring weed lovers around the world authentic aromatherapy derived directly from strains like Gelato, Jack Herer, and Jet Fuel OG. In other words, these are the industry’s first-ever strain-specific, terpene-infused candles. 

Maybe your mom doesn’t like getting high, but she loves the smell of fresh flower. Or maybe she wants to flex her cannasseurship to friends by filling her home with the scent of some hype-ass Gelato. Either way, CandleBudz is essentially Yankee Candle for the weed world, and your mom’s olfactory will thank you. 

For more on CandleBudz, visit the company’s website here

~ Susan Sarandank


The Nuggy

For the crafty mom who loves weed and already has a set of power tools, we highly recommend gifting her The Nuggy — one of the most versatile devices in the cannabis landscape.

Pretty much the Leather(wo)man of weed, The Nuggy is a handy smoking complement that features a bottle opener, flathead screwdriver, pick, kief scraper, roach clip, scissors, scooper, a knife, and even an LED flashlight. 

It’s smaller than a wallet, but sturdy as hell and built to last. For mobile moms who love to go on outdoor adventures, few tools are as great at preventing potential seshing mishaps than The Nuggy. Got a clogged pipe? Use the pick to clear that shit right out. Does your mom love blunts (and if so, can we hang out?), then use the knife to cut open a Backwood! Lost your lighter? Use the flashlight to search around for it! 

The Nuggy is truly the all-in-one toking accessory, and your badass mom will keep cool and stay handy with this dynamic device. 

For more on The Nuggy, visit the company’s website here

~ Loyal Roy Reefer


1906 New Highs’ “Bliss” Chocolate Cups

Chocolates for Mother’s Day is almost as cliche as roses for Valentine’s. But hear us out: 1906 New Highs’ edibles ain’t no regular chocolates. They’re not even your typical weed edibles. 

Most chocolate edibles are infused with only our favorite flower. But 1906’s edibles include other herbs and medicinal plants to maximize the snacks’ heady effects. 

Take, for instance, the company’s “Bliss” chocolate cups. The “Bliss” line comes in three varieties: recreational milk or dark chocolate with 5mg THC/5mg CBD each, or a medical milk chocolate version with 20mg THC/20mg CBD each. 

Besides the healing and invigorating powers of chocolate combined with cannabis, each cup comes with an additional infusion of Sceletium tortuosum, a flower otherwise known as kanna with a “k.” When this South African herb is chewed, it releases happy-feeling alkaloids that induce euphoria. Science even says so.

Your mother deserves to be both high AF and happy AF this Mother’s Day. With “Bliss,” you can gift both delights in one delectable package. 

For more on 1906, visit the company’s website here

~ Dominic Swain


Jane West’s Compact Day Kit

Sometimes even the most lit among us need to keep the weed on the down-low. With Jane West’s Compact Day Kit, mom can store her herb, her pipe, and her lighter in a single sleek, discreet compact that will blend in with all of her purse’s other essentials. 

The Compact Day Kit comes equipped with a small container split into “Day” and “Night,” so mom can easily keep track of which bud will help while the sun’s still out, and which will knock her out after dark. The kit also includes an aluminium one-hitter, dubbed the “Solo,” for quick and convenient hits on-the-go. There’s even a poker that fits perfectly into the one-hitter, to keep it clear for continued puffs. 

The kit features a place to store a mini-lighter, and its top panel holds a mirror so mom can ensure she’s lookin’ tip-top after taking a toke, too. And best of all: Everything locks into place, so the kit’s contents won’t slosh around when she’s out frolicking on the town.

For more on Jane West and her amazing products, visit the company’s website here

~ Dominic Swain


GRAV Labs’ Gravitron Gravity Bong

If your ma really, really loves weed, there’s a good chance that she’s indulged in the aquatic debauchery known as the gravity bong at one point in her life. 

But your mother is older now, and more sophisticated. Classy

Luckily, she can revisit the gravity bong and do it MFin’ style. GRAV Labs’ Gravitron is a gravity bong that could sit alongside the fancy bottles on the wine shelf. That’s because this two-part lux contraption is made with a literal wine bottle and a clean, completely translucent base. Just fill the base with water, load the bowl, fetch a light, and let physics do the rest. 

Best of all, the Gravitron is (mostly) portable! No need to bend down into a bathtub to plunge a mega-hit into the lungs. 

For more on Grav Labs, visit the company’s website here

~ Dominic Swain


Elite Live Oil by Select

Trying new cannabis products can be a crapshoot, especially if you’re expected to function at your job or in front of family members who aren't into weed. But if you’re reading this, there’s a chance you have a pretty decent weed tolerance. So, if you consume 25mgs of THC, you’re probably not going to feel like you’re dying. Giving this amount to a parent who’s foreign to seshing, though? Forget about it, man.

If your mom is like mine, consuming too much THC is what turned her off from weed long ago. Every time she dabbled, she got too high and paranoid, which ruined all future experiences. But, the future is now, and thankfully, the future is equipped with cannabis brands that take dosing and consistency — and delivering a better psychoactive experience — seriously.

Select is among the brands dedicated to giving people a top notch cannabis experience. How are they achieving this? Through the art of consistency. Their Elite Live vape cartridges offer the same quality oil that put them on the map, but now they’re infused with freshly harvested live resin terpenes. The combination produces a supreme quality and high potency product that is the same every time. 

So, whether your mama is a Durban Poison princess or just looking to dip her toes into the realm of fabulous weed products, these cartridges offer a safe and easy dosing experience that doesn’t involve the traditional hoopla of hitting a joint or a bong. Now, your mom can discreetly puff a clean, fast-acting oil that delivers a reliable high every time.

For more on Select, visit the company’s website here

~ Marigold Kelly


18:1 CBD Soft Gels by Care By Design 

A lot of moms aren’t trying to get high. How can anyone blame them when they have to operate at an attunement level of a hawk 24/7? Especially once they start hauling kids to and from school and soccer practice and friends’ houses — really, when is there even an extra moment to get high?

Thankfully, moms with stressful schedules can still experience the therapeutic power of cannabis with Care by Design’s 18:1 CBD soft gels. They are an ideal product for the mom who can’t commit to being stoned, but still wants medical relief. The gels also come in discreet packaging that could easily be mistaken for vitamin supplements. So, if they’re left out on the counter while a conservative guest is over, there won’t be any consequences. What a relief!

Care by Design also offers other ratios if 18:1 is too CBD-heavy. They have 4:1 CBD to THC capsules for a more medicated experience; and a 1:1 blend to enhance blissful feelings of balance and relaxation. Either way, Care by Design has a product for every mom, no matter how they like to get down. 

For more on Care By Design, visit the company’s website here

~ Marigold Kelly

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