MERRY JANE's 2017 Father's Day Marijuana Gift Guide
From “chocolate chip therapy” to some next-level glass, we’ve got a whole spectrum of canna-gear for every type of weed-friendly father.
Published on June 14, 2017

Lead image by Sara Wass

This Father’s Day, surprise your ganja-loving pop with a bag or two of his favorite flower and a present to keep him smiling for years to come. Whether dad is newly acquainted with the wonders of weed, or you grew up sneaking a toke or two from his private stash, you can show him lots of love with one or more of these cool presents from MERRY JANE’s Father’s Day Gift Guide. From “chocolate chip therapy” to some next-level glass, we’ve got a whole spectrum of canna-gear for every type of weed-friendly father.


Soothsayer Tamper Necklace & Keychain
$70.00 - $104.00

A sesh can be sacred. There’s a ceremony attached to the experience. Portland-based jewelry designer Anna Korte of AK Studio has created the perfect smoking accessory for the occasion. Next time Dad packs a joint with this sophisticated Soothsayer tamper necklace or keychain, you’ll be apart of his smoking ritual. Hand stamped and made of solid brass or 14k gold plate, choose from a dapper cylinder, square, or bullet-shaped tamper. Soothsayer products are available online, as well as at select retail locations like Serra in Portland, Oregon.

Visit Soothsayer’s site to learn more about their products.


Nectar for the Gods Nutrients by Oregon’s Only
$14.24 - $122.99

If pop’s got a green thumb, give him the gift of Nectar for the Gods eco-friendly nutrients for his seedlings. Oregon’s Only was founded by two gardeners who were disappointed by the chemical-laden fertilizers on the market. Inspired, they created a product that would enhance the flavors, colors, and overall quality of plants without harming the environment. For the cost of shipping, Oregon’s Only will send dad a Nectar for the Gods sample kit to try out, too.

Visit Oregon’s Only site for more on their eco-friendly products.


Dr. Norm’s Chocolate Chip Therapy
$2.00 - $20.00

Dad will love the story behind these sweet treats. Created by three siblings in honor of their mother and father, Dr. Norm’s Chocolate Chip Therapy cookies are as delicious as they are endearing. Dr. Norm was the children’s father and a trusted M.D. Their mother was a pharmacist at the same hospital and enjoyed making cookies for everyone she met. Now, the kids are continuing their parents legacy for helping others heal with these tasty, medicated chocolate chip cookies.

Visit Dr. Norm’s site for more on their delicious treats.


Bong by Jet Waterpipes
$187.52 - $219.41

Dad will love taking hits off one of the smoothest and most durable bongs on the market. Jet Waterpipes come with a ceramic-infused bowl and patented percolation technology, which means smoke will split into hundreds of microbubbles for an incredibly smooth, delicious hit. And he won’t have to worry about breaking his precious piece, too, since Jet pipes are made from the same material as bulletproof glass and are backed by a lifetime warranty.

Visit Jet Waterpipes’ website for more on the company.


Releaf Products by Papa & Barkley
$18.00 - $90.00

If dad pulled a muscle or is recuperating from an injury, Releaf’s got him covered. After a son set out to find a solution for his elderly father’s back pain, Papa & Barkley’s line of cannabis infused topicals, tinctures, and patches were born. Choose from the Releaf soak, balm, body oil and patches, grab a bottle or two of CBD & THC infused tinctures, or curate a selection based on dad’s current needs.

Visit Papa & Barkley's website for more on the company.


Piece Pipe

Every weed-loving dad needs an ultra compact and super stealthy brass Piece Pipe. The stylish smoking device easily attaches to keys, bags, or a necklace for easy puffing while doing yard work, hanging out at the beach, grilling burgers, or hiking trails. Plus, dad will love that there’s a stash compartment for his favorite nugs — not to mention, the patented pipe doesn’t emit an odor and stays cool after toking, making it ideal for smoking on-the-go!

Visit Piece Pipe’s website for more on their slick, discrete products.


CBD Rich Products by Care By Design

If your old man loves pot, chances are he’s heard about the incredible healing properties of Cannabidiol, or CBD. If he hasn’t, this is a perfect opportunity to introduce him to the many benefits of the compound. From insomnia and PTSD to various mood disorders, research studies indicate that CBD is a potent treatment in combating ailments while proving to be non-intoxicating. Care By Design offers a line of CBD-rich cannabis in easy-to-use sprays, vaping products, gel caps, and edibles. All products are made from local, sustainably-grown cannabis flower and offer a full spectrum of CBD:THC ratios and strains.

Visit Care By Design’s website for more on their CBD-rich products.

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