MERRY JANE’s Guide to 710
A look into some of the hottest dab tools.
Published on July 8, 2016

The term “dabbin” has become very popular amongst pop culture, but in the cannabis world the subculture of the “concentrate” industry the term “dabbing” means taking a small amount of hash (BHO, Rosin, just to name a few) and placing it on a dab pen or rig to consume. The popularity of hash oil is taking leaps and bounds especially in legal states such as Denver, and just recently July 10 (7/10) has become a day equally celebrated in the cannabis community as April 20 (4/20). The date 7/10 is significant because when reading the numbers upside down, it spells out the word “oil.” In celebration of 7/10 this coming weekend, MERRY JANE has put together a guide to the hottest dab tools you can use on this holiday:


Mothership – Some of the best dab rigs will cost you but they probably function a lot better than most rigs. Mothership has been known for years to make some of the best dab rigs on the market. The Seed of Life percolator in most of their rigs will diffuse much of the heat from the smoke allowing for a clear and clean intake. The quality of their products are second to none but the rigs will likely have you camping out at your local head shop just for one.

Puffco Portable Vaporizer – For those who want portable and discreet, check out the Puffco Plus vaporizer that can hold oils in the chamber with no coil – allowing for even heat distribution. The enhanced airflow from the mouthpiece prevents clogging and produces a steady, consistent vapor.

Dab Utensils

Highly Educated – One of the pioneers of the hash game Highly Educated (HE) introduced concepts like the fully adjustable titanium nails, multiple joint compatibility, electronic nails (E-Nail), and carb caps in 2010 and have been at it since. Just recently HE began manufacturing quartz accessories to add to their stable of products and was the first company to introduce the opaque quartz nail accessories to the market.

Quave Club BangersMERRY JANE’s 5 reasons to own a quartz banger is all you need to know about a quartz. The guys over at Quave Club Bangers have a wide assortment of some of the finest quartz nails on the market. The quality and heat retention on these nails will have your concentrates giving you some of the best, flavorful smoke.

The Mini Nail – For those looking to avoid using a torch, get your hands on one of The MiniNail Electric E-Nail packages. Just find the right coil for your nail, or buy the setup provided by The MiniNail. Using an E-Nail will allow you to adjust temperatures so that you can consume your concentrates at low temps for more flavor.

Michael Geslani
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