MERRY JANE Gift Guide: Cannabis Presents Under $50

MERRY JANE Gift Guide: Cannabis Presents Under $50


A small budget can go a long way.

Christmas shopping on a budget can be tough, especially if you’re trying to buy gifts that your friends and family members will truly love (and actually use). Luckily, you can find amazing presents for all of the cannabis lovers on your list for under $50. There are many quality products out there for you to choose from, so you're guaranteed to find something for everyone, whether they're a casual smoker or a cannabis connoisseur. We've rounded up eight amazing gift ideas to help you cross some names off your list this holiday season.

Sesh Supply “Theseus” Spoon Bubbler Hybrid: $49

While this water pipe usually retails for $79, it's currently on sale at Smoke Cartel for just $49. It’s easy to use, spill-proof and offers a clean, relaxing experience. What's more, its size makes it the perfect on-the-go mini bong for busy cannabis users. The “Theseus” Spoon Bubbler is a durable, timeless gift that's worth every penny of your smart budget.

Zippo Lighter: $20–40

Looking for a simple but useful stocking stuffer? Zippos are a staple for those who still prefer the flame-to-herb method. While there are an array of designs, what makes a Zippo special is that you can get it engraved too. Chose a design that your friend will enjoy and you’ll be gifting a lighter that they’ll use for years to come. Plus, they won’t have to keep buying (and losing) BIC lighters.

Green: A Field Guide to Marijuana: $21.15

There are two types of cannabis-loving friends: those who enjoy cannabis for what it is and those who want to know anything and everything about the wonderful herb. Green: A Field Guide To Marijuana is the master encyclopedia of the most popular (as well as the lesser-known) cannabis strains. It includes incredibly high-res images and descriptions, making it a great resource for the marijuana know-it-all in your life.

Atmos Bullet-2-Go Vaporizer: $39.99

Atmos has built its name on quality vaporizers and the Bullet-2-Go is no exception. You can use the tiny pen vape with herbs, wax and oil, which makes it an incredibly versatile gift. If you use it with wax or oil, it can also be very discreet too. With a reasonable price tag, this vape definitely offers a lot of bang for your buck.

iChief iPhone Case: $15

The iChief case is perfect for the on-the-go smoker who prefers a classic method of cannabis consumption: rolling and smoking. It offers a tray where users can measure out how much herb they need in addition to a flat place to roll. It even has a slot to hold standard-sized rolling papers. You’re giving the gift of convenience as well as some extra protection for your friend's phone—two birds with one reasonably priced stone.

Medtainer: $45

Building on the gift of convenience, gifting a couple Medtainers is an easy decision if you're not quite sure what to buy someone on your list. Basic three-piece containers (lid, container, grinder) cost around $10 and are great for separating different strains and usually come in packs so you can check off a few people on your list at once. The best part is that you can fit a BIC lighter and a few joints in them too! Help your friends keep their bud fresh and the smell locked inside.

Snoop Dogg's Happy Socks: $12

Snoop Dogg’s Happy Socks are fashionable and look good with anything—even a suit! It may not always be acceptable to wear socks covered in marijuana leaves in public, but you can wear a sophisticated pair whenever the mood strikes making these a great option. Get all three original styles in the box set.

Burton's "The Kit": $24.95

Every cannabis enthusiast has a kit and if someone on your list doesn’t, this is the gift for them. Burton’s “The Kit” has a spot for a lighter, some herb, rolling papers and even a small vape if it comes in two pieces. The Kit was made to make smoking anywhere a breeze, but now it’s simply an accessory that no cannabis user can live without.

Some of the best cannabis-themed gifts are incredibly affordable—you just have to know where to find them. Don't worry too much about the price tag attached to your present, it's always the thought that counts, right?


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