MERRY JANE and CLSICS Present: Movie Night Smoke Sesh in the Heart of Los Angeles
Enjoy CLSICS live rosin-infused goodness while watching an array of cult favorites under the stars in the City of Angels this week and throughout the fall season.
Published on October 26, 2021

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Los Angeles has two iconic industries that make Tinseltown the vibrant cultural hub it is today: The film business, and more recently, cannabis. Despite stoned viewing being (arguably) the best way to watch a film, smoking weed and watching movies aren’t ever offered on a large (or public) scale.

Until this week! On Wednesday, October 27th MERRY JANE and CLSICS are teaming up to celebrate their Los Angeles brand launch with a classic movie screening plus delicious live rosin infused products. Finally, movies and weed are coming together — and creating the perfect fall activity.

Starting with Beetlejuice this month at an undisclosed location (we’ll let you know where it is if you attend!), the CLSICS team is excited to showcase the incredible products they’ve been crafting back in their homeland of San Diego.


The best thing about CLSICS is that they know the difference between corny, sub-par distillates and the incredible solventless products made with clean water, ice and a little magic. The live resin that graces CLSICS’ line is done intentionally with this very old-school method to preserve flavor, potency, and the integrity of the plant.

Shaking trichomes off of the buds and into vapes, joints, and edibles is a pure expression of the cannabis plant, and CLSICS does it with some retro charm that pretty much checks off every nostalgia box. Using indoor flower only, potency and quality control is paramount to the CLSICS line of live rosin-infused goodies. 

For dabbers, there are pure extracts like Melon Ringz and super strong Forbidden Fruit, priced in the $42-$60 range. Live rosin-infused prerolls, like 1.3g bangers of Skywalker OG or a 4-pack of Gorilla Glue x Oak OG minis are great for solo or quick share seshs. All CLSICS prerolls are made with freshly ground flower and no byproducts, like stems, shake, or seeds.


CLSICS and MERRY JANE’s movie night will be hosting canna-influencers and celebs to showcase their live rosin and all of the products it touches. These joints will have people saying CLSICS CLSICS CLSICS three times after blowing ghost-with-the-most shaped clouds at Michael Keaton’s musty mug on the screen. 

Beetlejuice has everything a stoned movie viewing needs: laughs, scares, retro charm, and iconic Harry Belafonte jams for you to shimmy to. What better way to screen a childhood favorite than with a little buzz to shake you out of the present and transport you to another time, when Bill Pullman and Geena Davis haunted Winona and Catherine O’Hara into a frenzy while we all giggled gleefully. 

Grab a pack of Watermelon Live Resin infused gummies, tuck in, and get spooky this October in LA. If you’re more of a blaze-it-up type, there will be punchy prerolls, but if more power is your vibe, then dab it up with the live rosin itself — no chaser. 

Follow CLSICS and MERRY JANE on Instagram to keep up with the latest movie night news. You can access their new launch at dispensaries in California via

**This was made in partnership with MERRY JANE and CLSICS

MERRY JANE is based in Los Angeles, California and is dedicated to elevating the discussion around cannabis culture.
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