Master P and MERRY JANE Partner Up for Launch of New Cannabis Line, Limitless Supply Co
Master P and MERRY JANE are about to debut a new line of cannabis in Los Angeles, California. And thanks to Eaze, it could be delivered to your doorstep in just a few hours.
Published on October 20, 2021

When No Limit Records hit the scene in the ‘90s, something new bubbled up in hip-hop. No longer was it a rap battle of East versus West — the South was finally making a play for a piece of the record-deal pie. With bombastic, big-production beats full of keys and gruff but rhythmic storytelling, No Limit and their soldiers made a name for themselves in American music.

After founding No Limit Records with his beloved grandfather Claude Miller’s estate, Master P knew he was going to pay homage to the people who have served in the military with every hit. “When he came back from the Vietnam war he had medical issues, only Marijuana could calm him down,” Master P told MERRY JANE. “Now with Limitless, we can help a lot more people, both recreational and medical customers, the legal way.”

We asked Dan Pilon, Senior Director of Brand Management at Eaze, about this groundbreaking program and what it means for the cannabis community. "We're big fans of Limitless, because it's a great product and the team behind it is focused on supporting US veterans with jobs, mentoring and donations,” he told MERRY JANE. “Expanding access for veterans is a cornerstone of the Eaze Compassion program, and we're always glad to see these values reflected by the brands on our menu." 

Cannabis and hip-hop go together like bread and butter. That’s why P was drawn to making Limitless Supply Co. in partnership with Eaze, the world’s biggest online cannabis delivery app, and MERRY JANE, your go-to source for cannabis culture and news. “Master P has always been a leader in the Black community, and we are so excited to help support that vision with our Limitless partnership,” says Yonatan Hagos, President of MERRY JANE.

Limitless is celebrating Black entrepreneurship and our military veterans — two underserved groups in the US. By hiring veterans for leadership roles and fulfilling supportive initiatives to keep vets and their families healthy, fed, and thriving, Master P is doing something to give back to the sacrifices his grandfather made that ultimately gave him No Limit Records. 

Honoring this means quality product at fair price points, which is why you will find Limitless eighths never topping $30. That’s a huge deal in an industry that insufferably boasts about selling $80 eighths. Signature strain Pralines n’ Cream is terpy, delicious, and potent, testing at over 24 percent total active cannabinoids.

For a value price, you can get your hands on some Pralines n’ Cream in California via Eaze, where it can arrive at your doorstep within the hour. Creamy cannabis flavors are more rare and special than the usual fruity profiles many gravitate toward. Strains that express delicious, funky terps will always be coveted by smokers and cultivators alike. 

Rappers carving out space in the cannabis industry are reclaiming an essential economic role — as evangelists for the endocannabinoid system, they are helping the plant steamroll over the taboos and tribulations to become a vital sector of business. 

For now, Limitless Supply Co. is only sold in California, where the most US veterans reside and the cannabis market is well established. But, P and crew are eager to bring their pie-inspired buds to other states, especially Louisiana, where it all began. Pralines n’ Cream is set to give Cali dispensaries a taste of New Orleans, where creamy and pungent flower is specifically crafted to remind people that pie is an eternal hit. 

Like what you hear?  If you’re bout it, bout it, you can head over to — they’ve got the hook up. 

** This was made in partnership with Limitless, MERRY JANE, and Eaze.

MERRY JANE is based in Los Angeles, California and is dedicated to elevating the discussion around cannabis culture.
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