Weed Manicures Are the New Cannabis Beauty Trend
High-fashion weedicures are in vogue this season.
Published on September 25, 2016

Between Halloween, Election Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, New Year’s Eve, and everything else worth celebrating, you have plenty of excuses to get dolled up. Why not make a statement with a one-of-a-kind, cannabis-infused manicure? Canna-manis are all the rage in weed-friendly states, sparking conversations and inspiring smoke sessions wherever they go.

How did this fun nail-art trend come about? In 2014, Louisiana Pham, owner of San Francisco Bay area Orchid Nail Lounge, performed the first weedicure for a customer who wanted something truly unique to show-off at Hempcon. Deviating from the common practice of drawing weed leafs with nail-art pens, she decided to get crafty and incorporate actual cannabis. While the pioneering Pham doesn’t carry cannabis in her shop, she offers the service to customers who obtain buds legally via the state’s medical marijuana program. The fad’s been gaining popularity ever since.

With an influx of ganja-clad-claw pictures flooding Instagram, more and more salons are now offering the service. A set of canna-glammed nails typically costs between $45 and $65, depending upon the complexity of the design. The process is straightforward. Nail technicians grind up cannabis flower and embed flecks into gel or acrylic fingernails. Alternatively, cannabis can be applied after the base coat, before the polish and top coat, which seals the plant material in a resinous, odor-less coating. There are increasingly more and varied ways to express your love of weed in the beauty world.

Check out Orchid Nail’s signature “suspended in air” technique.



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And these #weednails.


Happy Independence lovies🌴 #stonernation #rastalove #weednails #cannabiscommunity #highlife #jamaica

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You can accent one nail on each hand with cannabis.


😥👏 #WeedNails

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Or request a full set.

Apply a whole cannabis leaf on each nail.

Add 24k gold to your ganja for some extra sparkle.

Try French tips for a touch of stoner sophistication.


My girl &iii did French tips with tree 😂 we high as hell #weednails

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Glue nugs on top to make an animated, kitschy statement.

Pro-tip: Adding orange and gold glitter to the design creates the illusion of kief-encrusted nails.

If cannabis isn’t legal near you, be mindful of the law before requesting a weedicure from your local salon. It’s best to avoid awkward situations with law enforcement officials. Instead, consider getting freaky with Wicked Hippie’s festive nail decals, featuring smiley faces with faux weed-leaf eyes. Apply the designs with a wet washcloth, hold them until they adhere, and then make an appointment with your local legislator to discuss legalizing cannabis, so next time you can infuse the real plant into future fashion plans.

Zoe Wilder
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