Lit Like a Candle: Here Are the Top 10 Highest Quality Pre-Roll Joint Brands in the US
It's hard to know what brands roll the best pre-packaged joints. That's why we created this top 10 list of the best pre-rolled j's on the market.
Published on October 20, 2020

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Perhaps the most beneficial aspect of legalization — aside from expunging the records of non-violent cannabis offenders, of course — is that it’s made space for innovation. The way that’s materialized is in the form of product variety.  No longer are we forced to break up nugs, grind them, and roll our own joints to get high — hell, we don’t even have to smoke the plant anymore to enjoy THC. We can puff on vape oil, take dabs, munch on microdose edibles, and squeeze tincture drops into tea. You can also experience the CBD versions of these products, too.

These innovations have created a culture of convenience. If you didn’t know how to roll a joint 10 years ago you were shit-out-of-luck, unless you had a pipe to smoke out of.  Today, potheads have it easy — you don’t even have to know how to roll a joint anymore! Now you can buy singles or packs of pre-rolls at your local dispensary, which makes getting stoned as easy as using a lighter. But, the benefit of buying pre-packaged joints is that it’s a great way to try new strains and brands without having to commit to buying an eighth of flower. Choosing what strain of cannabis to buy can be just as torturous as endlessly scrolling through Netflix for (mediocre) entertainment.

Ultimately, that’s why we decided it was important to put together this list of the best pre-rolled joints on the market. Whether you live in California, Florida, or are reveling in Illinois’ newly legal marketplace, you deserve to know where to find the best pre-rolled flower in the nation. 




Dogwalkers was established in 2016 and offers unique, small-format pre-rolls to consumers who value authenticity, convenience, and an enhanced experience. The brand was inspired by leisurely strolls around the block with a pup named Bailey, who continues to instill passion in the hearts of the company’s owners for animals. That’s why a portion of proceeds from every Dogwalkers product purchased goes to reputable animal shelters across the county to ensure more dogs are loved, and walked, often!

Dogwalkers’ hero SKU, the “Mini Dog” line, consists of five .35g pre-rolls that provide the ideal balance of size, quantity and potency, allowing consumers to take Dogwalkers with them wherever their journey leads. Available in “Sit”, “Stay” and “Play” (indica, hybrid and sativa) varieties, Dogwalkers ensure there is a perfect vibe for any type of walk.

Dogwalkers Mini Dog pre-rolls are presented in a discreet and convenient tin that unleashes the vintage and nostalgic ritual that only the best pre-rolls can boast. Their eco-friendly and reusable packaging highlights the brands’ commitment to all-things premium, and has received various acknowledgments in 2020, including high placement in the brand design category by the Clio Cannabis and Dieline awards.

Lastly, the brand believes it’s the inside that counts, which is why every expertly crafted pre-roll is filled with 100 percent premium and strain-specific flower, harvested at peak freshness. Although “shake” may be a fun trick to teach your dog, Dogwalkers reserves only the best cannabis flower for the portfolio. They keep a tails-length away from using anything but the best, avoiding trim, shake and strain-blends altogether. 


Secret Nature

CBD pre-rolls can have a wide variety of different flavors depending on the terpenes and flavonoids they contain. Beta-caryophyllene, for instance, is a common terpene in Cannabis sativa flower, and this terpene has a spicy, peppery taste. Myrcene, however, which is also found in mangoes, has a fruitier, more tropical flavor, and limonene tastes just like lemons.

While some strains of CBD-rich cannabis have dominant terpenes with flavors that come through strongly, other strains contain roughly equal concentrations of different terpenes that create unique flavors when combined. Secret Nature Papaya Nights pre-rolls, for instance, contain sour and hazy terpenes that make this strain taste just like tropical fruit, and Secret Nature Frosted Kush contains earthy and berry terpenes that produce a classic “kush” flavor.

Crafted with the same indoor grown, organic CBD Hemp you can find in our flower tins, our pre-rolls are a convenient way to experience full-spectrum CBD. We believe in using the highest quality material to create the highest quality experience, which is why we will never use shake, trim, or any low quality, cheap biomass for our pre-rolls — only 100 percent freshly ground buds. Each joint is rolled in organic hemp paper and sealed for freshness. The most flavorful and potent hemp CBD joints available.


Stone Road

Stone Road has been doing it right since 2016, but only recently become pre-roll royalty. They are one of the few brands in California that still has their own farm, offering sun-grown flower and pre-rolls fresh from the farm in the Sierra Nevadas. Stone Road prides itself on their small-batch, craft approach to farming: Growing off-grid without the use of pesticides or synthetics. 

Though they’ve grown a lot in the past four years, they stay committed to manufacturing all of their flavorful joints by hand. They've been blazing their way to the top with their minimalist, sustainable packaging and avant-garde marketing campaigns.

Their hash infused 5 packs have amassed a huge cult-like following, and are now available to everyone in CA through EAZE. Stone Road is reimagining what affordable cannabis products look, smell, and taste like.



HashBones make people happy:

HashBones are premium 1G pre-rolls that feature an artisan blend of 75 percent top-shelf flower and 25 percent cold water bubble hash. Boasting enhanced flavor and potency, HashBones are crafted to provide a smooth burn and consistent experience — every time.

HashBones are available in 1 gram, .5 gram 5 pack of minis, and the HashBone Wolfie. The HashBone Wolfie is a beast of an infused pre-roll. 

The HashBone Wolfie is a 1G joint made with 75 percent top-shelf flower and 25 percent cold water bubble hash, coated in full-spectrum cannabis oil, then rolled and dusted in hash. More potent and less messy than kief, the outer layer of ice water hash elevates the smoke for a smooth, tasty burn — right down to the last hit

HashBones are made by Hollister Cannabis Co — the first state and locally licensed cannabis company in the city of Hollister, CA (birthplace of the “American Biker”). Hollister controls their whole process from seed to shelf, and filters out what most cannabis companies still use in their pre-rolls. Hollister only sources greenhouse flowers from CA’s Central Coast, and their bubble-hash is solvent-free.


Loaded Co.

Founded in 2017 with quality and craftsmanship in mind, Loaded Co. takes pride in its reputation for collaborating with some of the best brands in the industry and for creating high-end products that curate unique experiences. Co-founded by Roll BMC, his patent-pending handcrafted rolling technique has proved to be one of a kind, earning the company praise for and favoritism for the unique aesthetic and functionality of the product.

Since our inception, we have received a number of awards across multiple states, not just for our products, but for our dedication and focus on delivering the best experience possible for supporters and collaborative partners. Our dedication to customer service and love of innovation is what has allowed us to continue to differentiate ourselves while we continue to grow.



JEETER was born in the city and suburban streets of South Florida. The name “Jeeter” was a catchy slang word within the local culture that means “joint.” The slogan was quickly coined, “Pass the Jeeter” and became common language in our crew!

Fast forward a decade later, and we have brought Jeeter to life in the California cannabis markets. Built on nostalgic memories, Jeeter is now one of the leading pre-roll brands in California.


 Sundae School

Sundae School is a craft cannabis brand and a smoke-wear label. We believe that there is creativity within each of us, and Cannabis is the tool to maximize our potential. Whether it’s for extra brain juice or the ultimate kickback, we hope our products accompany your dreams and the new heights. Smoke with caution and intention.

Sundae School’s Signature Tiny But Mighty joints are the perfect on-the-go rolls, meticulously crafted to give you the exact amount of high per session without leaving ashy roaches (F*ck roaches). They come in Eureka Sativa and Nightcap Indica, each pack containing 8 TBM mini joints. Puff puff pass (or not) these are single-strain whole flower, no trim joints. 

If you are ready to graduate the mini rolls, en-roll to try Sundae School ice water hash-infused 1g Party Rolls. Ideal for 3 to 4.20 people, the Hash Infused Party Rolls are made with premium single-strain whole flower, generously sprinkled with full-spectrum hash to give you an invigorating cerebral experience. Whether it’s to awaken your inner creativity or hit snooze to quiet the minds, Sundae School rolls are here to accompany your highs and lows. The semester to GPA 4.20 is open now. Welcome to Sundae School. Disclaimer: minimum GPA required for matriculation is 4.20. Available throughout California.



Wonderbrett enhances experiences with creativity to transcend the ordinary into the extraordinary.  Our ultra-premium flower is crafted by the heritage of our brand and quality of our processes, stemming from decades of elite team experience and rare genetics.

We have merged our cultivation expertise and superior genetic knowledge with a fresh, cultural appeal that positions us as California's most dominant and unique cannabis brand. 

Our vision is simple: flavor over everything. Our extensive genetics library has taken decades of work to develop for an output of unmatched flavor and terpenes profiles which reflect our rich heritage and history.  

The creativity behind our strain selection has been one of the largest factors to the success of Wonderbrett, allowing us to garner lifelong customers who consistently come back for our full-bodied flavors that burst with aromatic terpenes.

In the summer of ’97, Brett was gifted the original OG Kush, a legendary West Coast strain of mythic proportions, and everything changed. Before he knew it, Brett was among the elite growers in the Los Angeles scene. When smokers wanted the best weed, they simply had to ask “You got that Brett?”  By ‘99, Brett was providing cannabis to some of the biggest artists in the music industry. Dr. Dre’s influential album, 2001, was recorded with Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Xzibit, and Brett’s OG Kush in the studio. 

In 2014, Brett decided it was time to bring his legendary strains to the masses. Brett united his reliability, credibility, and style and created Wonderbrett. The cannabis community hasn’t been the same since.


Space Coyote

High potency. High flavor. Just plain ‘high.’

Each delicious Space Coyote is filled with a 100% cosmic combination of herb and extract. So whether you love your dab rig or have never tried a concentrate before, Space Coyote is your ticket to a good time. Our infused joints are super smooth, provide an incredible high, and most importantly deliver flavor profiles you’ve been missing in regular ol’ joints. We pride ourselves on giving you an excellent experience from smoke to high.

If you truly want to get glazed, you can’t go wrong with this combination of Live Resin and full flower herb. Seasoned Sativa fans will love the heady, trippy, social head change. Terpene fans will love the bright fresh notes of tangerine zest and pine. A Space Coyote staff favorite, just two puffs and you’ll know why. 


Humboldt Farms

Humboldt Farms uses the same flowers found in their jars to make their prerolls. We don’t hide anything inside the rolling paper, which you might find inside other prerolls on the market. They don't use shake, trim, or sugar leaf. This company crafts their pre-rolls with the same care as the cones you would roll in your home. Nothing else is acceptable. That's they their products produce a great taste with a fluid burn. You can buy single pre-rolls or buy a four-pack. Both come in ornate, reusable tins that fit easily in your pocket. The four-pack tin is a solid option that keeps your pre-rolls intact all day and night. 

Keep an eye out for special, limited-edition variety packs released seasonally — perfect for sharing and finding your favorite strains.

**This was made in partnership with Dogwalkers, Secret Nature, HashBone, and Stone Road

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