Laganja Estranja Talks Skydiving in Full Drag and “Weed Slutness” on “About That Time”
The choreographer, drag queen, and cannabis activist joined us for the latest edition of our 4:20 live show, "About That Time” with host Noah Rubin.
Published on December 17, 2018

On the latest episode of About That Time on Facebook Live, we linked up with famous drag queen, cannabis activist, and former RuPaul’s Drag Race and So You Think You Can Dance contestant Laganja Estranja. Sponsored by our good friends at KandyPens vapes and Swami Select, we of course kicked off the festivities with a joint of the highest quality. 

After chopping it up with Laganja about his roadtrip across the United States, a dance residency with YoungArts, and whether or not birthday cake Oreos are better than sex (?!), we checked out his Instagram. Highlights included a Halloween performance of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, the social justice-themed “Look at Me” video shoot, and gallivanting around a German castle with his beloved terrier chihuahua Lil Dabbers

Before we knew it, it was time to “Roll The News,” our segment in which we discuss important news stories in the cannabis world. This time around, we touched on Marlboro’s parent company Altria patenting dozens of vaping devices, New Jersey towns preemptively banning legal weed, and the Surgeon General blaming cannabis’ Schedule I classification on a lack of research. 

It wouldn’t be 4:20 without “Astrology Time,” so much to Laganja’s delight we dimmed the lights, broke out the salt crystal lamp, and consulted the stars. His chart predicted that he has the ability to make anyone feel at home, that he teaches others to question authority, and that his goals tend to be carefully mapped out. Do you think the Zodiac was spot-on or barking up the wrong tree? 

Laganja just released a new single called “Smoke Break,” with his debut album Exhibit A coming out soon. He also wants you to subscribe to his YouTube channel. We look forward to Laganja’s dance and weed-filled 2019!

Time flies when you’re having fun, but there’s a lot more coming down the pipe. Stay tuned to MERRY JANE’s Facebook page to catch all the ganja-fied glory, and follow us on Instagram to find out who’s joining our joint sessions. We’ll see you there!

MERRY JANE is based in Los Angeles, California and is dedicated to elevating the discussion around cannabis culture.
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