Kicking Glass: The 5 Best Glass Bongs to Blast off With Right Now
KING's Pipe Glass is the king of pipes and the pipes of kings.
Published on June 24, 2019

It’s all bubbles, smoke, and sweet bliss as we pick the most primo water bongs from our friends at KING’s Pipe Online Headshop.

And it’s summertime, so let’s get smoking! With everybody easing back, keeping cool, and hanging loose, the sweltering months always prove to be prime season for packing bowls and passing bongs among buds who cherish happily inhaled intoxication.

While what weed you choose is (of course) a crucial factor in how high you get, there’s also no underestimating the importance of the actual device that delivers all that green glory into your system.

To that end, KING’s Pipe Online Headshop has proven itself to be the regal winner of bestowing the most unique, innovative, and impactful bongs among the denizens of dank nation.

One factor making KING’s Pipe our go-to, one-stop, no-slop bong shop is that the company makes its own products — starting with the glass itself. King’s Pipe works with the handcrafting artisans of American Glass Blower in Los Angeles. Their gift is maintaining a meticulous eye for detail and supreme in-house quality control over every bong that bears its name.

It’s a difference that uplifts every aspect of the KING’S Pipe bong experience from taste to feel to cleanup to —most importantly — maximizing your high.

Here’s our expert roundup of the five best glass bongs KING’s Pipe is waiting to ship your way. All hail!


Barrel Recycler Bong

Hand-crafted in Southern California, exquisitely engineered, and stunning in design, the KING’s Pipe Glass Barrel Recycler Bong yields a booming high and is nothing less than the king of pipes and the pipe of kings.

The Barrel Recycler stands 10 inches high, with a 20mm bent neck and 98mm base. The joint size is a 14mm female, with a 14mm male quartz banger nail included. Colorwise, you get to pick between two accents: black or slime green.

If you’re looking to go bold, brazen, and potentially beyond where any smoke session has ever taken you before, go with the Barrel Recycler.

Price: $149.99


18-Inch Triple Honeycomb Straight Bong

Before you even add bud, this bong is breathtaking. It’s a foot-and-a-half of 5mm-thick, clear, straight, premium-quality borosilicate glass with a 50mm glass tube and a triple honeycomb percolator, all rising up from a fat, wide 107mm base.

The KING's Pipe Glass 18-Inch Triple Honeycomb Straight Bong's joint size is 18mm female, and attachments include a glass bowl or a banger nail. The six-pinch ice catcher is brilliantly constructed to supply smoke that’s chill, smooth, and loaded. 

Price: $109.99


Tornado & Honeycomb Mix

For our money — which we’re really careful about, because we need it to buy pot — KING’s Pipe is the online shop that provides the best bang for your bong-dedicated buck right now.

With that in mind, the KING’s Pipe Glass Tornado & Honeycomb Mix is one of the best-selling bongs in the company’s collection right now. That speaks volumes about this particular product, all of which are great when it comes to getting you stoned.

Built to blast away all comers, the one-pound, 12-inch-tall Tornado & Honeycomb Mix has dual percolators (just as the name implies), an 18mm male joint size, and an ice-pinch for crushed ice. You also get to choose your own attachment: a glass bong or banger nail.

The Tornado & Honeycomb Mix is sleek, dynamic, artful, and is #1 with KING’s Pipe customers because it always takes 420 to 100 percent. 

Price: $84.99


Single Tree Perc Water Bong

It looks smart, it burns clean, it’s astoundingly durable, and it hits you like the precision-designed power-pipe of your dankest dreams — because that’s what it is. 

To be precise, it’s the KING’s Pipe Glass Single Tree Perc Water Bong, which features a six-arm tree percolator with a stemless 18mm joint, and an ice pinch that turns even the most challenging weed into smooth smoke.

Price: $69.99


12” Charcoal Skinny Beaker Bong 

The beaker is one of the most elemental designs in all of bong-dom, and for good reason: it works, and it gets you whacked.

The KING’s Pipe Glass 12” Charcoal Skinny Beaker Bong certainly does that, but it’s also made with thick, premium-quality borosilicate glass sporting dope-looking hues and a gold decal that adds an air of elegance to your water-pipe indulgence.

The bong’s features include a 66mm base, a 38mm diameter glass tube, a double ice pinch, an 18mm female joint, a 14mm male glass bowl, and a 14mm/18mm diffused downstream. Take it straight to your favorite lab and light up.

Price: $69.99

*This story was sponsored by KING’S Pipe Online Headshop. For more information, please visit their website here.

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