Kick Off St. Patty’s Day with This Blazin’ Irish Mule Cocktail by Gin & Chronic
Share a round (or four) of cannabis-infused cocktails this St. Patrick’s Day with The Gin & Chronic Project’s exclusive Blaze Sodas Ginger Beer recipe.
Published on March 17, 2021

St. Patrick’s Day is here! That means it’s the season of corned beef, cabbage, shamrocks, and little plastic leprechaun hats. Huzzah!

It also means it’s time to drink green beer. Pitchers and pitchers of green beer. Or does it?

Since this is St. Patrick’s Day 2021, maybe it’s time to try something different. Make this St. Paddy’s all about you and the homies. You can keep the corned beef and miniature hats, but toast your cheers with a beverage you and your friends won’t soon forget. Y’all truly deserve more than lite suds and green food coloring. 

So, why not celebrate this lucky day with a crisp, sparkling VIP cocktail infused with everyone’s favorite greenery? This G&G Mule recipe, perfected by the mixology maestros at The Gin & Chronic Project, is as good as it gets when it comes to satisfying the desires for delicious drinks and bud — at the same time.

The G&G Mule is an Irish Mule cocktail made with Blaze™ Ginger Beer for a delightful cannabis twist. It contains lime and ginger for zest, Irish whiskey for a kick straight in the arse, and a touch of weed to get you and your homies power-lifted well into the wee hours of the following morning. 

So are you ready to spice up this St. Patrick’s Day in party poppin’ fashion? 

Are you prepared to fly higher than a rainbow blasted from a pot of gold?

If so, here’s The Gin & Chronic Project’s amazin’, blazin’ G&G Mule recipe:


First, you’ll need….

- A shaker

- A strainer

- A fresh lime

- Ice

- Lime juice (fresh or from concentrate)

- 1 bottle of your favorite Irish whiskey 

- 1 bottle of your favorite ginger beer

- 1 bottle of Blaze™ Ginger Beer

Directions (for a single 10mg THC serving)

- Pour ¾ oz. lime juice into the shaker.

- Add ½ oz. Irish whiskey to the shaker.

- Add a scoop or two of ice to the shaker. 

- Shake it like a Polaroid picture.

- Fill a glass or cup with ice.

- With a strainer, pour the shaker’s contents into the glass or cup. 

- Top the glass with a splash of ginger beer. 

- Float about ⅔ oz. Blaze™ Sodas Ginger Beer into the glass. (Roughly 0.63 oz. of Blaze™ Sodas Ginger Beer delivers 10mg THC, the standard recreational serving. Adjust as needed.)

- Add a lime wheel garnish. (If you’re feelin’ fancy, add a sprig of mint, too.)

- Serve and enjoy! 

Feel free to tweak this G&G Mule cocktail according to your tastes, tolerances, or party size. Just be sure to mix — and sip — responsibly by starting low, going slow, and giving the G&G Mule time to kick in before having another (and another, and another….)

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! And cheers to cashed, smiling eyes, Irish or otherwise!

For more top-shelf cannabis-infused beverages and cocktail recipes, visit The Gin & Chronic Project’s website

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**This was made in partnership with The Gin & Chronic Project. Cheers! 

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