Keeping it Green: The Ultimate Source for Eco-Friendly Cannabis Goodies
Cannabis requires packaging, especially when it travels long distance from farm to flame, sitting on a dispensary shelf somewhere in between. Which companies keep it real when it comes to sustainable, environmentally friendly packaging?
Published on April 30, 2021

If you respect the herb, you gotta respect the Earth it comes from, too. Although Earth Day has come and gone this year, being mindful of our planet should happen every day, during every trip we take around the sun. 

Which brands minimize waste while maximizing the headiness? MERRY JANE selected some of the dankest of the dank that also comes in environmentally conscious packaging, and products which are totally biodegradable. (Thankfully, cannabis itself meets the last criteria.) Check 'em out below!

N2, Sustainable Cannabis Packaging


N2’s sustainability cornerstone is their patented packaging process. Using nitrogen to eliminate the enemies of freshness — light and oxygen — it hermetically seals cannabis in a food-grade container. This step dramatically increases the product's shelf life while also reducing the possibility of contamination. Since this process was developed with sustainability in mind, N2 Packaging also offers one of the most environmentally-friendly solutions on the market.

From Recycled to Recycle: Cultivators and consumers are dedicated to a greener future, and so is N2. They’re constantly improving their methods to make their packaging the most sustainable option in the market, too. 

Fuel up on the gas at N2's website.

Herbal Goods, Pre-Rolled Cones


Established in 2018, Herbal Goods Company’s mission is to enhance the smoking experience, naturally, sustainably, and responsibly. 

Herbal Goods cones are made by their amazing team of hand-rollers in rural India. They’re proud to have a team made up of 85% women who would otherwise be without work.

By decentralizing the process of rolling their cones, Herbal Goods can offer workers the freedom to earn a living while staying in their local communities. 

Wild harvested in the jungles of Bengal, each and every ebony leaf Herbal Goods uses for its cones undergoes a natural sun and open -lame clay oven curing process. This ensures the leaves stabilize naturally (as it would in the wild) and provides an incredibly smooth smoking experience.

Herbal Goods’s unique filters are made from 100% natural corn husks. Each filter is individually rolled and tied (eliminating glue) by hand. The natural ridges help create the smoothest and cleanest pull you can experience from a pre-roll. We’d compare it to hitting a vape pen — yup, that smooth!

Roll up some Herbal Goods at their website.

Summerland Bongs


Say hello to Summerland Bongs’s collection of premium handmade ceramic bongs and pipes. This "stonerware" is proudly constructed in small batches in Northern California, USA. Designed by the ritual of connection with nature, their pieces are built from the Earth itself. Sustainability, function, and form are treated equally. Each pipe can just as easily blend in with your home decor as it could serve as a living room centerpiece. Some of their products, such as the red apple pipe, invoke nostalgia, while others are literally housewares designed to hold incense. 

Summerland stands by a simple principle: Made from Earth, by hand, in California.

Get in touch with your roots at Summerland Bongs's website.

Stone Road


Launched in 2016, Stone Road is a sun-grown flower brand with their own 57-acre off-grid farm in Nevada City, CA. They take pride in their small-batch, organic approach to farming. With an emphasis on beautiful, minimalist design and a keen eye for detail, Stone Road is reimaging what affordable cannabis products can look, taste, and feel like.

Take a trip down Stone Road to taste the love infused in their bud. Available strains include Lemon Jack, Pineapple Kush, Black Jack, Chocolate Kush, Strawberry Banana, and — of course — Wedding Cake. 

Catch a chill ride along Stone Road's website.

Aster Farms


Aster Farms is a sustainable cannabis company from Northern California. Founded in 2018, Aster was born from three generations of cannabis knowledge and a dedication to intentionality, transparency, and organic practices. They grow craft cannabis the way it was meant to be grown: Outdoors, under the sun, moon and stars.  

Aster Farms believes that cannabis fits into a healthy, active lifestyle, and they’re dedicated to providing clean cannabis for a clean high. That starts with responsible farming, live soil, and organic inputs, letting nature do the work. 

Whether you’re consuming cannabis for medicinal or recreational purposes, Aster believes you should trust what you’re putting in your body and who made it.

At Aster Farms, they not only care about their plants and the planet, they care about their community, as well. They actively fight for social justice in the cannabis industry, supporting the equity community, mentoring and contributing resources as well as practicing that same ethos within their company, beginning with their hiring practices. 

Swim through a sea of green at Aster Farms's website.

MERRY JANE is based in Los Angeles, California and is dedicated to elevating the discussion around cannabis culture.
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