J.K. The Reaper Talks Horror Flicks and Takes His First Puff in Years on "About That Time"
The up-and-coming North Carolina rapper joined us for our 4:20 live show, “About That Time” with Noah Rubin.
Published on March 6, 2019

On the latest episode of our 4:20 talk show About That Time, our hosts with the most Noah Rubin and Kalea McNeil linked up with hip-hop up-and-comer J.K. The Reaper

After sparking an Ube-flavored “Guru Grade” joint and chopping it up about J.K.’s prodigious 2018 album release schedule (Surrounded by Idiots, Digital Tears, and Grim Shady) and his fruitful relationship with Denzel Curry, it was time for and in-depth examination of his Instagram activities on “Posted Up.” The artist shared stories about recording in the Red Bull studio in “creepy mode,” discussed album cover art, and what it means to him to be the godfather of his best friend’s son. 

After J.K finally agreed to take his first toke of weed in YEARS (following an unfortunate dabbing experience), it was time to “Roll The News” and discuss some of the hottest talking points in the cannabis space and beyond. Highlights include an Oregon man and his dog surviving on nothing but Taco Bell Fire Sauce while trapped in his car, Kylie Jenner becoming the youngest billionaire ever, and Bernie Sanders continuing to publicly stress the importance of cannabis reform

It wouldn’t be ATT without “Astrology Time,” so we tweaked the filter, rolled out the salt lamp, and presented J.K. with his horoscope. After consulting the stars, the Zodiac predicted that his love life is often tumultuous, that he’s attracted to glamorous types, and that he is never content to chill with good fortune. 

Check out J.K. The Reaper’s haunting new “Bodybag” music video, and stay tuned for new music and more projects dropping soon. 

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