It’s Not Delivery, It’s BudBuds
Are you over waiting around for your weed delivery to arrive? BudBuds is the quick fix you’ve been searching for.
Published on April 8, 2022

BudBuds weed delivery is a Dionysian gift to cannabis consumers who don't want to leave home. It's a recent discovery of mine, which is why I feel obligated to inform my fellow potheads about it.

It all started on a Friday before the first weekend of spring, and I was doomed. It was 3 pm and I was out of weed. Between work, daydreaming about food, and eating actual food, my schedule left me little time to stock up on that sweet, sweet jazz cabbage I needed for my weekend break. 

Weed delivery was my only option. As I scrolled the ever-growing lists of sold-out products already snatched up by stoners who have far superior planning skills than me, I finally found a couple of products that would get the job done. After entering the “queue” and receiving no less than two emails, I was sure my green weekend was just minutes away. Then my phone rang. The voice on the other end proved fate had different plans.

“Hey this is your driver, uhhhhhh sorry man but we are sold out of your greens. I can bring you something else though that's FIRE.”

Alas, his replacement wasn’t "FIRE." Was I disappointed? Yes. Was I shocked? No. This wasn’t my first experience with cannabis delivery that left me wanting more or feeling downright ripped off. I can recall countless memories of drivers taking hours to arrive — if they ever did — leaving me waiting at home completely sober. 

It goes without saying that making people wait around for hours isn’t quality service, but that was the industry standard. Luckily for smokers living in Tinseltown, there’s a new weed delivery called BudBud that hopes to change every aspect of your delivery experience — from how the flower is grown, down to the packaging it arrives in. 


Mike Hamod, the man behind BudBuds started his LA-based weed delivery service with one goal in mind: To disrupt the entire industry. “I think the industry as a whole is short on imagination. I wanted to make a product for the people that care about strains, how they’re grown, and most importantly, freshness,” Hamod explains. “Most of the products you see being delivered have oftentimes sat on the shelf or in a warehouse for months, people are still charging upwards of $70 for an eighth that’s weeks away from expiring.” 

Focusing on what the industry is doing wrong, Hamod set out to develop a solution. The result is his mobile-only delivery platform that allows members to access his California-grown cannabis products and gift boxes. 

For Hamod, the most important aspect of his business (besides affordable pricing) was strain selection. “These days you have cultivators that slap whatever name they want to on the flower after harvest. The actual genealogy behind the strains has been lost, our products all come from our in-house strains so we know exactly what we are producing”. Hamod saw that by using his own in-house strains and eliminating the need to outsource his work, his end product would be better regulated and ultimately available at a lower price point than what’s currently available in California. 

With cultivation already in motion, Hamod began working with local packaging companies to develop a unique brand that truly sets BudBuds apart. Their four in-house brands include "Bloom," a floral-themed product line with eighths that cap at $45, and feature strains like Gary Payton and Kush Mints. 


The aptly named "Fleur" lineup features a rose theme with a sensual red and black trim box topped with roses, perfect for a date night spent indoors. For anyone looking to impress their guests or loved ones with a taste of elegance, BudBud's Spliffany and Co. line features an iconic robin's egg blue box filled to the brim with style, sophistication, and enough cannabis to make anyone happy. For members that want a more sustainable brand, BudBuds GRN collection looks to be the most affordable with OG eighths going for $40. 

Finally, their "Fire" line, a proprietary brand newly acquired by Hamod, is ideal for impressing even the pickiest of people with their impressive and highly potent strains like Holy wedding Cake, Biscotti, and pre-rolls wrapped in 24k gold papers.

With five unique brands, all promising high potency and guaranteed freshness, you might be wondering how Hamod can promise delivery within one hour for Angelenos. “Our platform uses a similar algorithm to other food delivery services like Uber Eats and GrubHub. Our drivers are located at specific points throughout LA making it easy for us to stand by our one-hour delivery guarantee”. 

Speaking to him about the delivery process, Hamod notes that all of BudBuds couriers drive new, clean cars that do not display any telltale signs of what product is being delivered to your home. “Our drivers are friendly, knowledgeable, and always provide the best service. We arrive in uniform and discretion is our priority.” 

So, how do you become a BudBuds member? Hamod and his team have opened their usual ‘invite-only’ memberships to include L.A. residents that fit BudBuds criteria. “80% of cannabis buyers in California today are looking for the highest potency flowers at the cheapest price, our members look for the highest quality products, exclusivity, and most importantly, creativity. Our products truly are top shelf.” He goes on to explain,“Moving forward, our members will enjoy invite-only parties, health and wellness classes, and exclusive events around the city. We have yoga classes, Joshua Tree retreats, and even nights where we rent out entire theaters for private screenings.”

For now, Hamod says his “White Glove'' service will only allow 10k members in the greater Los Angeles area. That means BudBuds weed delivery is more akin to Tony Stark’s Jarvis than it is to other courier services.

For anyone who thinks they belong among the top-tier tokers in Hollywoodland visit: to become a member of the city’s finest cannabis club. When you get in, you owe us an invite, and one of those beautiful boxes. 

**This was made in partnership with BudBuds.

Jefferson VanBilliard
The Worst Agency
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