“It Must Be Love”: A Valentine’s Day Pot Poem by Swami Select
It’s Valentine’s Day, and MERRY JANE tapped Nikki Lastreto — co-writer of our cultivation column — to pen a paean to pot. Enjoy her mighty tribute to the goddess known as Ganja!
Published on February 14, 2020

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It’s Valentine’s Day, and MERRY JANE tapped Nikki Lastreto — co-writer of our cultivation column, alongside her partner Swami — to pen a paean to pot, to write something romantic about reefer. 

On previous V-Days, Swami Select has gathered love letters from The Emerald Triangle’s top growers, and reminisced about the time they organized a wedding on their farm. For this year’s celebration of Cupid, however, Nikki wanted to open up and write a love poem to the goddess known as Ganja. 

So without further ado, please enjoy “It Must Be Love” by Nikki Lastreto of Swami Select — and may your holiday be filled with romance, laughter, and plenty of bud! 



(Above, Nikki trimming in 2019, followed by a photo of her dancing with Shiva in 1999)

“It Must Be Love”
by Nikki Lastreto

I love her pungent smell, her red and green hairs, her sparkling crystal jewels.
Why else would I bury my face in a full jar of buds and deeply inhale her myriad aromas?

I love the memories of sunny days and mystical nights riding on her waves through heaven.
Why else does practically every memory in my life from the past 50-plus years have something to do with cannabis?

I love giggles and profound realizations attained when really high with loved ones.  
Why else do I appreciate nothing more than sharing her charms with my friends?

I even love the total loss of control after consuming too many edibles.
Why else would I give her a second chance after eating the bottom of the bag of those seasoned cashews that one time?

I love it when she opens psychedelic doorways and takes me to a whole other level of consciousness.
Why else would I take such a big hit, knowing I’d explode in a coughing fit, but also knowing how high that would get me?


I love watching her grow, from seed to a luxuriously large and vibrant green plant, with sticky, colorful buds reaching for the sun and moonlight.
Why else does it take such dedicated work, tender care, and nourishment to cultivate the perfect plant?

I love her beauty — she is a magnificently regal Queen who captivates her audience.
Why else would I be so precise when manicuring her delicate buds so every curve of her figure comes to life?

I love how she challenges me to look outside the big box and go for LIFE with a smile.
Why else, at 65-years-old, would I choose to be CEO of a start-up when most people would be slowing down?


I love observing others when they first really get to know her and likewise fall in love with her incredible wonders.
Why else would I devote my life to breaking the age-old stigmas that surround this beautiful lady?

I love how in topical form she eases my aches and pains and brings calming relief.
Why else have all the cannabis witches spent decades developing magical recipes and cures from this therapeutic plant?

I love the inspiration she brings to my heart and soul and spirit.
Why else would I write her love poems?


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Nikki and Swami
Known as "The Cannabis Couple," Nikki Lastreto and Swami Chaitanya have been proudly promoting cannabis use for decades. As cannabis cultivators in Mendocino County, the heart of the legendary "Emerald Triangle" region, Nikki and Swami are behind the brand Swami Select, producing taste and pure flowers grown in full sun with organic methods, plus that extra little Swami touch.
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