Introducing Delta-K, a Cannabinoid-Herb Combo to Send You Higher Than the Moon
Delta-K fuses the power of delta-8-THC with the African herb kanna, launching psychonauts to new heights — legally.
Published on November 2, 2022

No matter how high you’ve gone, you can always go farther. 

Today, legal hemp offers a galactic array of cannabinoids, the likes we never knew of just a few years ago. THC-O, HHC, delta-8, and delta-10-THC are just a few of these newest stars to burst onto the scene. And many, many more are sure to follow.

But there’s one star outshining the others. It’s called Delta-K, and only Galaxy Treats can take you to it. 

What, Exactly, Is Delta-K?

Delta-K is the latest fusion of two natural plants. The first is delta-8-THC from hemp. The second is kanna, an African flower which generates good vibes, happy thoughts, and smiles stretching light-years across the known universe.

Delta-8 meets kanna. Voila: You’ve got Delta-K.


What Does Delta-K Even Do?

Delta-K can provide an intergalactic journey joining the mind, body, and soul -- all through a single, tasty package.

Whether you’re a seasoned sensemilla spacefarer or a rookie cadet, Galaxy Treats Delta K Gummies are sure to help you blast off to a new mood!

Delta-K delivers a euphoric experience that’s truly out of this world. Part of its effect comes from delta-8, with the same lit sensations you’d expect from cannabis. The other part uplifts with kanna’s deep sense of wellbeing and connection to an ever-expanding cosmos. 

Where Can I Find Delta-K?

Delta-K is only offered by Galaxy Treats. Fortunately for us all, Galaxy Treats is located right here on good ol’ planet Earth. 

Currently, Galaxy Treats offers Delta-K as gummies. Each Orbital Peach gummy packs 15mg of delta-8, 10mg of kanna, and a supernova of fruity flavor. 

To grab your own Orbital Peach Delta-K Gummies, click here.


OK, But Is It Legal?

Delta-K is legal in the US at the federal level, and it’s available for shipping to most US states. And while kanna is allowed in all 50 states, some states have restrictions on delta-8. 

To find out if Galaxy Treats will ship to your state, click here.

Delta-K Sounds Awesome, But What Else Can I Get From Galaxy Treats?

A lot.

There’s a whole range of delta-8 gummies without the kanna, too. 

Galaxy Treats’ delta-8 gummies come in Bluerazz Rocket, Starberry, and Mars Mango flavors. Each bottle contains 20 gummies, though you can also grab them in Moon Babies 2-packs.

For a limited time during the spooky season, Galaxy Treats offers its Vampire’s Blood D8 Gummies. Each gummy contains 25mg of delta-8 and drips with sweet blood orange flavor.


If you’re looking to take a trip with THC-O, check out their disposable vapes in Gravity Melon, Orbital Peach, Pineapple Eclipse, and Solar Stranana flavors. Each disposable vape contains 2mL of THC-O.

If you’re looking for a mellower experience, check out Galaxy Treats’ HHC disposable vapes in Cosmic Cherry, Galactic Grape, Lunar Lemon, and Planet Blue flavors.

You can also fly high with gummy versions of HHC and THC-O, too. HHC and THC-O gummies come in the same mouth-watering flavors as the vapes.

So, why reach for the stars when you can soar to them?

Space is infinite. Life limitless. Feel your best and reach new heights with Galaxy Treats! 

To learn more about Galaxy Treats, visit the company’s website by clicking here.


This article was made in partnership with Galaxy Treats.

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