Inside Alphagreen: A Saga of CBD and Innovation in Pursuit of Health and Wellness Worldwide
How Europe’s #1 online CBD marketplace is transforming the planet with trust, connections, and cutting-edge business strategies that are elevating the entire industry.
Published on December 9, 2020

Alphagreen” and “CBD” are two words that go together like “health and wellness,” “trust and reliability,” “ease and convenience,” “variety and quality,” and even “peace and love” — and it’s all for the right reasons.  

In 2019, CBD platform Alphagreen opened for business with four brands and fifty products. Within its first year, the London-based company has onboarded more than 100 brands and over 1,400 products to fast-become Europe’s number one platform for CBD and alternative healthcare products. It’s a remarkable achievement, and what made it possible is the remarkable nature of Alphagreen itself, a company which is only soaring onward and upward from here.

Now shipping worldwide, Alphagreen is expanding all over the globe with language and region optimization for different national markets, which play a big role in taking the guess-work out of the legal status of certain nutraceutical products in different countries. The project began in Sweden, with Germany and Portugal lined up next, and with a new launch set to take place each month across Europe, South America, and Asia. Additionally, Alphagreen will soon launch their German medical cannabis subsidiary.


In undertaking these various strategies, Alphagreen is destined to enrich all of humanity by doing what it does better than any other company. Specifically, that’s providing consumers and businesses with fast, easy, secure, and reliable access to the endlessly expanding CBD market, and doing so by way of their cutting-edge technology and second-to-none services.

In fact, our own Alphagreen experience as novice CBD purchasers is what prompted this look into the company itself. It didn’t seem possible, after a rocky period of us wondering about CBD (and scattershot purchasing some less-than-perfect products online), that suddenly there’d be a platform doing everything right. But there it was: Alphagreen.

While other CBD platforms might claim to provide similar service elements, Alphagreen’s onboarding process is extremely stringent and rigorous. The company thoroughly checks to assure that all products are lab-tested and have Certificates of Analysis (COAs) to back it up, too. 

We needed to know more about Alphagreen. Here’s what we discovered.

One of the first things we noticed is the category they have for newbies! Just check the box and you’ll see an entire array of expertly curated products for newcomers to CBD. That made getting started with CBD extremely easy and straightforward. 

When the time came for us to graduate up from newbie status, we didn’t quite know where to start so we contacted Alphagreen for some guidance. Rob Sloan, Customer Success Associate, got in touch with us personally. He was warm, funny, patient, and extremely knowledgeable. Ideal for shepherding us through the next steps of our cannabinoid journey. 


"Alexej Pikovsky" Courtesy of Alphagreen

While we had him on the line, we also inquired a bit about how Alphagreen came to be. He told us that Alphagreen is the brainchild of two visionary founders: Alexej Pikovsky and Viktor Khliupko. They both brought specific skills and significant experience to what’s proving to be an ideal partnership.

Alexej and Viktor first met in 2013, through a mutual friend in Dusseldorf. Russian-born lifelong athlete Alexej established himself in finance as a hugely successful investor, specializing in emerging markets. Viktor, who grew up in Ukraine, is a tech-wizard who launched his own agency specializing in creating e-commerce platforms and Magento 2 solutions.

Both Alexej and Viktor are devotees of fitness, exercise, and engaging in sport, which is how they discovered they also share a passion for practices and products that enhance health and well-being.

CBD caught Alexej’s attention after his father began using it to alleviate pain and other symptoms of arthritis. Then, Alexej experienced the life-changing power of CBD firsthand. He used it to address stress, as a result of working in a high-pressure field and regularly pushing his body with physical challenges. He needed a boost in both areas, and found it in CBD.

Alexej quickly saw that Europe lacked a proper online platform for CBD products, outside of oil and vapes. He traveled around California and Canada for one month to meet more than 50 companies. He met with a range of growers, manufacturers, investors, and other industry experts, in order to gain insights, assess market potential, and build a stronger network. He then discussed the market gap - a well-vetted, highly-curated system that focuses on customer experience - with Viktor. Combined with brilliant, innovative technology, Alphagreen officially emerged; and the world has been a better place ever since.


Aside from curating a wide selection of CBD products, Alphagreen also gathered data from a survey of 5,000 adults, and additionally discovered that 8.4 million UK residents had either purchased CBD products this year or intended to do so. Of those, 42 percent turned to CBD for pain relief or management; 21 percent were using it for sleep-related problems; and 19 percent sought it as an alternative treatment for anxiety. 

In terms of B2B, Alphagreen offers tech-enabled services to brands. These services include creative services like product and lifestyle photography, influencer marketing,  display advertising, SEO strategy and content, e-commerce development, fulfillment, business intelligence, and breaking international brands into the UK and European markets, as well as offering wholesale rates to retailers who prefer to buy in bulk.

In order to ensure clients and customers are adequately up-to-speed in the ever-shifting world of CBD, Alphagreen also launched an informational platform: Alphagreen Academy, where the motto is “Educate, Empower, Enhance.” They also have a regularly updated Alphagreen blog on Medium.

Alphagreen has provided such an excellent experience that I feel comfortable recommending it to my mother— who knows nothing about CBD. In other words, I’d recommend Alphagreen to anyone; because, in our experience, no CBD platform excels quite like this one. Whether you're a cannabis or wellness brand trying to grow your business, or a health aficionado looking to enhance your lifestyle, Alphagreen can help you every step of the way.

**This was made in partnership with Alphagreen.

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