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The HUF Squad Visits (and Skates) Oregon

A cinematic skate session in the Northwest.

by Rainey Cruz

Portland, Oregon is easily one of the most unique, eco-friendly and progressive cities in the United States. Though it rains often, something about its geographic positioning and surrounding nature make it a very magical place to explore.

The HUF skate team recently trooped over and tapped into that very spirit to create “45° North 122° West,” a cinematic edit named after the latitudinal and longitudinal coordinates of Mt. Hood National Forest.

Though the team—Dan Plunkett, Peter Ramondetta, Tyler Bledsoe, Josh Matthews, Joey Pepper, Jake Anderson along with guests Pat Moran and Silas Baxter-Neal—mostly skates city spots, there are sprinkles of landscape and forest road hill bombs, which merit the title just fine.

The video, in its entirety, is one sweet HD ride with panning shots of spots and breathtaking aerial drone footage of pushing that make it feel more like a movie than an edit. It looks like something that the National Geographic Channel would air, honestly. Filmer and editor Martin Reigel mined some real aesthetic gold here. It certainly also helps that he had quite the talented skate squad to capture in action.

Do yourself a favor and dedicate your next five minutes to checking out this epic video.


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Rainey Cruz is a Caribbean-born spirit based in New York City with interests in art, music, skateboarding, mysticism, street, and world culture.



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