How to Repurpose Your Leftover Weed Containers
Got a growing collection of those rainbow-colored plastic receptacles? Try these DIY tricks to give them a fresh life.
Published on March 20, 2017

Whether you live in a recreational state, a medicinal state, or find yourself on the receiving end of a townie feigning professionalism, everyone who smokes a lot of pot has a pile of rainbow plastic jars. While the amount of money they represent is something to glaze over during moments of reflection, I’ve stared at my collection for years and wondered what to do with them. They hold things. They pop open. They range in size. Possibilities seem endless, though difficult to pinpoint.

Sure, counting these containers will remind you of the dent you could have put into your student loans instead of smoking. But now that you have ‘em, it’s too late: here are some ideas of ways to repurpose the fun, flirty little objects that once held your nug.

Ounce and Half-Ounce Jars 

Art Supply/Makeup Organizer
After weighing the bottom of the jar down with pennies, add pencils and brushes, whether for makeup or reliving the BFA medium you rarely visit.

Psychedelic Capsule
Everything you could need for a trip will fit: $40 dollars, three leaves of sage, two cigarettes, one spliff, lighter, vape pen, chapstick, headphones, portable shot (see pre-roll receptacle), and a freshly picked wildflower. The deserts are blooming guys, be prepared.

Quarter Jars

Seed Starter
Grow something, it’s spring. Use a nail and a hammer to poke holes in the bottom of a quarter jar, fill with soil, and place one seed. Water, sun, transplant when sizable.

Charger Safe
Wires tangle. Contain your charger in this little jar big enough to fit the square. Perfect for not annoying bartenders and maintaining the dignity of ordering your own ride home.

Eighth Jars

Spice Jar or Laundry Savior
I use eighth jars to hold herbs I’ve dried from my garden or quarters I’ve hoarded to do laundry. You should too.

High for the Night Kit
Fill your eighth jar with ground weed and cigarettes (sans filter). Fold loose papers into mix, cut a few crutches from the cig pack, and you’re good to go: an on-the-move spliff kit.

Gram Jars

Shot glass
This little baby makes a perfect shot glass for you to appear fun in a party setting.

Ring Jar
This may be a "me" issue, but what do you do with the numerous rings you wear when traveling? This question has plagued my existence for years. This little jar is perfect for keeping them safe while my hands swell on an airplane.  

Pre-Roll Jars

Other Drugs or Vitamins
Sick of Rx bottles? Attempting a foray into the world of vitamins? This tiny jar is perfect for holding tiny pills and supplements. Pick your poison.

Portable Shot Device
This one is genius. Unlike it’s larger counterparts, the preroll receptacle does not pop open when you squeeze the sides. It’s pretty hard to open in general. Fill with liquor and bring anywhere to make that place suck less. OK, maybe a little dark, but hey sometimes you’ve got to improvise.

Lindsay MaHarry
Lindsay MaHarry is a freelance writer based in Los Angeles. Her work has appeared in Vice, The Observer, Bullett, Gawker, Fanzine, and others. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter.
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