How Long Does It Take for CBD to Wear Off?
We do have a strong basis to say that CBD has the potential to be an effective medicine, but how long do its effects actually last?
Published on February 19, 2019

Cannabidiol is one of the main ingredients in hemp-based CBD oils and a popular alternative medicine. CBD oils can be used for a variety of different illnesses and disorders, with some of its most popular uses being for anxiety, depression, as an anti-inflammatory, for pain relief and as an acne treatment.

Research into CBD oils is still ongoing, but from the current studies, we do have a strong basis to say that CBD certainly has the potential to be an effective medicine. But if you want to use CBD oils, how long will their effects last?

This will actually depend on a number of different factors, and the type of CBD oil you use will play a big part in it. CBD oils are available in numerous different forms including tinctures, creams, capsules, and vapes,  for starters.

Let’s examine each type of CBD oil in more detail, and look at how each is different when it comes to how long it takes to kick in, and how long you will feel the effects for. Some CBD oils can last for as long as 6 hours while others won’t last anywhere near as long. 

CBD Oil Vapes 

Some people are put off by the vaping process, but CBD oil vapes do have the advantage of being very fast acting. They will often get to work in just a few minutes, and can last for a couple of hours. However, the downside to CBD oil vapes is that you won’t intake as much CBD as with other methods, so you might not feel the full effects.

CBD Oil Tinctures and Sprays 

Tinctures and sprays are two of the most popular ways to consume CBD oil, because they’re quick to use and can be easily carried with you. Simple and straightforward, these two methods are also very fasting acting, and the effects are relatively long-lasting. The average dosage will often last about four hours, although it can last as long as six!

CBD Oil Capsules 

Capsules are another popular way to take CBD oil, but there is a lot more variation to how long they can last and how long they take to actually start working. Capsules will work better and your body will absorb it quicker on an empty stomach. CBD oil capsules will usually get to work within 30 minutes, though sometimes it can take up to an hour or more. The effects last for about 6 hours on average.

CBD Oil Topicals 

CBD oil topicals come in many different forms, including creams and lip balms, but how do they actually work? CBD oil topicals absorb slower through the pores of your skin, which makes them last longer than other CBD consumption methods. They can take longer to work than other methods, although that depends on the type of topical. Sometimes they can take as little as 5 minutes, other times it will take as long as 30 minutes. Topicals can last a long time, though again, it depends on the type.

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