Here Are the Best Weed Delivery Services in Los Angeles and Orange County
Need weed? Need weed delivered to your home, or office, or wherever you are? We’ve got all the best cannabis delivery services in California right here. Read on.
Published on April 12, 2021

Buying weed requires work. Sometimes it’s a struggle just making it to your car, much less completing a round trip excursion to a dispensary and back. Thankfully, if you’re in California, you can get cannabis delivered to your spot pretty much any time.

But, selecting the best weed delivery service can be a chore, too. What service is the fastest? Which one specializes in products tailored to your needs? What delivery has the widest selections?

If you’ve ever asked yourself these questions and are frantically Googling “marijuana delivery near me,” keep reading. Weed delivery in California is as easy as lighting up a joint, and here are the services you need to know about.


Grassdoor: Best Weed Delivery Service in Los Angeles and Orange County

If you’re looking for the fastest, most reliable weed delivery service with the best cannabis products in California, Grassdoor is your one-stop-shop. 

Speedy service is Grassdoor’s specialty. On average, if you live in the LA area or Orange County, your ganja goodies should arrive within 45 minutes of placing your order. That’s pretty impressive considering how torturous SoCal traffic is.

As for selection, Grassdoor’s got you covered. They carry over 300 licensed products, including cream-of-the-crop, crystalline flower, pre-rolls, dabs, edibles, and drinkables from top brands like dosist, Raw Garden, Kiva, Jelly, Select, and Jetty. 

Whether you’re already lit or restocking from the previous day’s sesh, Grassdoor’s ordering process is simple. You can place an order from your phone, track the delivery in real-time with GPS, and even contact a living, breathing customer service rep online in case something comes up. 

Their referral program gives users the chance to earn discounts on orders, and their IG account @TryGrassdoor is a good follow for dank memes and deals.


Ganja Goddess: Best Women-Owned Delivery Service

Our favorite flower, by its very nature, brims with feminine energy. And sometimes the best cannabis selections require a woman’s touch.

Ganja Goddess is a weed delivery service owned entirely by women. Their product selection ranges from medical to recreational, with a focus on providing wellness from quality. 

Ganja Goddess even curates its cannabis product selection by women-owned and Black-owned brands. 


Green Door West: Best Organic and Vegan Cannabis Product Delivery

Not all cannabis is created equally. When looking for ethically sourced, organically crafted, or vegan-friendly weed products, get your green delivered by Green Door West.

Green Door West is temporarily closed while they upgrade their services. In the meantime, check the website for updates regarding their reopening.


Bak’d Flowers: Best Mom ‘n’ Pop Delivery Service

For tokers near the coast along Santa Monica to Redondo Beach, there’s a weed delivery service that would love getting to know you on a first-name basis. 

Bak’d Flowers carries a hefty selection of primo concentrates, but they’ve got plenty of flower and edibles, too. Bak’d Flowers even delivers lighters, vape batteries, vape devices, and rolling papers in case you run out.


BudMan OC: Best Delivery in South Orange County

Stoners in South Orange County, behold BudMan OC! Like the other delivery services listed above, they carry a wide selection of name brand cannabis products. 

BudMan OC’s menu offers some surprising items, too. For instance, if you’re looking to get lit and laid, they can bring infused lubes to your front door (or, ahem, back door, by request). If your pooch needs a lift, BudMan OC has got tinctures designed for pets, too. 

**This was made in partnership with Grassdoor.

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