Here Are the Best Products and Services the Weed Industry Has to Offer in 2021
We made it through the year of fear and are now officially in the year of hope. Here's a list of everything weed-related we're excited about heading into 2021!
Published on January 22, 2021

The fact we’re even alive right now is a reason to celebrate. 2020 is finally in the past. It feels like there’s light at the end of a dark, meandering pandemic-ridden tunnel. We’re at the top of a brand new year, and there’s ample hope for a future of awareness. Awareness of the structures that prevent our country from truly being great. Issues around race, politics, freedom, and what the hell it means to be an “American” are up for review right now. How our nation moves forward with cannabis touches on all these sensitive subjects. 

But, awareness is the catalyst for change. That’s why we’re taking a moment to give attention to the cannabis services and technologies that we believe are going to elevate the industry in 2021. From highly convenient vaping accessories to innovative wellness drinks to cannabis business insurance coverage, 2021 has been dubbed the year the weed industry makes leaping strides forward in sophistication, according to market experts. And it’s no question in our minds that the brands listed below are responsible for this progress.

So, if you’re looking for products to enhance your experience of freedom, you’ve come to the right place. You can always count on MERRY JANE to bring you the latest and freshest goods before they pop-off and become a trend, which is exactly what this list is all about. Enjoy!


Pure Craft CBD

Pure Craft CBD’s nano-optimized broad-spectrum CBD Oil is one of the purest and most effective CBD tinctures on the market. They use sono-mechanics and nano-technology to encapsulate the CBD molecules into the MCT oil. These tinctures come in a custom-crafted UV protected, silk-screened, matte black dropper bottle to eliminate oxidation. This luxurious cannabinoid product is an all-natural mixture of nano-optimized broad-spectrum CBD, MCT oil (as a carrier), natural hemp terpenes, organic biotic terpenes, and natural source flavors. This tincture has ZERO THC and is a fan favorite for the smooth clean flavoring that we have sourced from the best flavor houses in the United States.

Available in 1000mg, 2000mg or 3000mg doses. Their 1000mg flavors come in: Vanilla, peppermint, and tropical. The 2000mg flavors come in: Orange and blueberry. Pure Craft's 3000mg flavor is peppermint.

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Helmet Head

As this industry continues to elevate the game, it’s time for you to also step into your highest self. HELMET HEAD Smell Proof Bags will upgrade the way you store your stash. You’ll no longer have to worry about finding secret hiding spots, or use a tin box/shoebox to store your goodies. HELMET HEAD Smell Proof Bags come as advertised: Store your favorite and most gassy strains in the bags with confidence that it will fully absorb all smells and keep your surroundings odor-free. These products give you the privacy protection you need at home, in your car, and while travelling.

When it comes to quality and value, HELMET HEAD’s offerings stand above the competition. Here are some of the dank benefits:

- These Bags Have a Combination Lock: Keep your herbs and accessories locked safely away. The lock can also prevent children/pets from getting into contact with your essentials.

- They’re Weatherproof: Your products will be protected from the four earth elements – these bags can withstand heat, cold, and everything in between. Additionally, the water repellent outer shells keeps your techs and herbs dry.

- Durability Meets Functionality: With quality materials, this will be the last smell proof bag you'll ever need to purchase! Moreover, depending on the model, they come with an abundance of pockets and even customizable modular interior setups – perfect for keeping your stash and accessories organized.

- There’s a Warranty: HELMET HEAD stands strongly behind all its products and offers a 5-year warranty on manufacturer defects.

- Comes with a GIFT!: Each bag purchased comes with a complimentary grinder card. HELL YES! 

If you are in the market for smell-proof bags, look no further. HELMET HEAD bags are large enough for everyday use and durable enough to bring anywhere. Save yourself from those awkward looks in public and the horrifying, “what’s that smell?” comment. Stay low-key by keeping odors under control. #ProtectMyStash

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The Linx Apollo

The Linx Apollo is the most versatile and likely the best concentrate vaping device introduced in 2021. This small and mighty vaporizer is the new addition to the award-winning vaporizers developed by Linx Vapor, a company specializing in health-centric technology advancements in cannabis vaporizers.

The Apollo is packed in a premium black carrying case with a full range of accessories. The device is compact, around the size of an apple, and it's just as portable as your smartphone, so you can bring it with you wherever you go.   

Don’t be fooled by its size though! With the signature all quartz inlaid atomizer and a 2600mAH battery, the Apollo is powerful enough to deliver session after session of unrivaled clouds and pure flavor. Unlike any other vaporizer, the Apollo is two devices in one. By attaching it to the Linx Glass Bubbler, it becomes a super compact device for you to carry around.  Alternatively, use it as an e-rig by plugging it into a bong to replace the traditional torch and rig. And boy, will you be wowed by the large vapor production and smooth taste! 

Heat boost, in addition to four pre-programmed temp settings, is another handy and must-have feature that allows you to effortlessly customize your session. Hold the power button for the unrestricted boost to maximize clouds or opt for the low temp vaping for purer and smoother hits. Cloud chasers and concentrates snobs will be satisfied with the Apollo’s versatility and customization!

Start off your 2021 with the Linx Apollo. For a price of $259.99, get ready for lift-off.

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E1011 Labs

The E1011 Labs Elon vaporizer is a state of the art hemp flower device designed specifically for Stem. The Elon vaporizer uses convection to consistently heat up hemp to the optimal temperature and activate the plant to release full-spectrum cannabinoids.

It’s extremely easy to use. There are no buttons to press! Just input a Stem and inhale. This dry herb vape is also maintenance-free. The Elon cleans itself when it is charging and has reached at least 80 percent charge. It’s also discreet, as it’s the size of a lighter: It feels substantial but balanced in your hand. And the best part is that you can enjoy CBD all day. The lithium ion battery lasts all day, allowing you to enjoy 10-13 stems before needing a recharge. Just blow into the patent-pending blowhole to temporarily pause your session.

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Cannabeds Dream Time Mattress

Cannabeds’ mattresses are made with an exclusive hemp fiber/fabric, North American-made Gel memory foam, and high-density comfort cores. They offer a wide range of mattress and pillow feels from extra firm to ultra-soft so they can accommodate every individual's comfort needs. Mattresses and pillows are shipped direct to your door, they are vacuum packed, and rolled for easy installation to get around those tricky staircases. Hemp is a natural fiber that has many incredible features and benefits. In fact, we like to call it the “miracle” fabric. Hemp is a naturally hypoallergenic fiber that is resistant to bacteria, mold and mildew, UV light, bugs and pests, saltwater, and so much more.

Hemp is also exceptionally breathable and lightweight. It whisks away excess moisture and heat, and is a natural temperature regulator, too. Hemp helps keep you cool, dry, and comfortable all night long. 

For more info, visit: Cannabeds Canada ; Cannabeds USA


420 Insurance Lady

420 Insurance Lady offers an array of services and products. At no cost, the 420 Insurance Lady team will go over your current coverages and policy to find the gaps or coverages that you truly need. Sabrina also does risk evaluations on-site for your business, either in person or virtually. This service offers a comprehensive breakdown of suggestions to prevent losses, as well as how to handle problems when they do occur. 

The 420 Insurance Lady is one of the few brokers that can offer cannabis insurance in numerous states. For processors, whether it be edibles or butane extraction, the 420 Insurance Lady can provide coverage — and not only for operations, but also for equipment, building, THC/CBD stock, and (most importantly) product liability and recall insurance. Crop insurance is another coverage option now available primarily for greenhouse and indoor grows. For larger entities transportation coverage, directors and officers, and cyber liability are things to truly consider. Whether you are a small mom-and-pop dispensary or a national brand, there are packages and coverage options available at multiple price points all with carriers who are financially sound. 

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My Bud Vase

It's a vase. It's a bong. It's smoking made beautiful.

These are smoking vases for gorgeous spaces. Each My Bud Vase™ is designed to be an elegant display piece in your home, complete with a hand-selected flower that doubles as a poker and a matching bowl. We create these works of art with you in mind.

Because your home is your sanctuary, but discretion might be needed, we design our vases to be easily hidden in plain sight. Simply insert your flower poker or floral arrangement, turn your vase around, and voila! It’s our little secret that your My Bud Vase™ is home decor — and so much more.

Whether you're shopping from our Signature Collection, our one-of-a-kind Artisan Collection, our elegant jewelry line, or our charming accessories, know that we design each piece to bring art, expression, and discretion to your cannabis lifestyle. 

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Adam Ill

Dirty accessories, bacteria, and germs are all the things that can make you ILL, ILLcohol is the ideal cleaning solution which prevents mildew, mold, and stains while keeping your glass looking new. Whaaaaat! 

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Considered to be the highest-rated handheld dry herb and concentrate vaporizer currently on the market, the XVAPE Aria is a masterpiece of form, function, and high fashion. This classy vape features dual usage, a high-speed heat up time, and 100 percent isolated airflow, giving it some of the best tasting flavor available in a portable unit. For those in search of perfect flavor delivery matched with powerful function, the XVAPE Aria is the only answer. The Aria is available in three standard colors black, blue, and green — and in Limited Edition Night Viper vegan snakeskin pictured above.

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Wizard Pins

WizardPins is a promotional products company based in Boston, MA. They specialize in creating custom enamel pins, keychains, bottle openers, and more. They make it easy to turn any design or logo into a custom product. With both domestic and overseas manufacturing capabilities, WizardPins can accommodate virtually any budget or timeline. Some items can be produced in as little as two business days.

With transparent pricing and impeccable customer support, they make crafting personalized swag that will help your brand stand out at events, trade shows, or giveaways, simple. They can work with any design, from hand-drawn sketches to professional design files, and they provide unlimited art revisions until you’re completely satisfied. WizardPins keeps all of your designs on file so restocking is a breeze.

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GEAR Premium® - Sidekick 12” Tall Laid Back Beaker Tube

The GEAR Premium® Sidekick is thee (3) things: innovative, timeless, and the complete package. Featuring a one-of-a-kind, patent-pending built-in lighter holster so you never lose your flame, it’s made of 100 percent borosilicate glass and features a flat mouthpiece, laid back tube, and 24K gold decals. With its flush mount diffuser downstem, it’s sure to give you the smoothest hits you could ever imagine. Not to mention that with every GEAR Premium® Sidekick pipe, you get a FREE t-shirt, lighter, sticker, and keychain. It’s a stunning masterpiece that combines aesthetics with performance and offers exclusive features that are incomparable.

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Highland Accessories

The Décolleté Rolling Tray is inspired by the natural peaks and valleys created by a woman’s clavicle.

The hollows created above the collar bones work perfectly to hold one’s herb of choice, while the valley at the center of the chest creates the perfect space for rolling. The corner in the upper right offers a level area on the tray, serving as an ideal spot for a grinder, jar, candle, or whatever you desire. 

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@bowlzoffical has created the world’s first separable and indestructible bowl piece! It splits down the middle and is connected with heat resistant magnets, so the 14mm slide is super easy to clean and built to last. You could even run it over with a car! Although, it’s not something we necessarily recommend. 

This bowl piece is also great for easy ashing, travel, and blowing your friends’ minds. Bowlz is a product that should have been invented forever ago — rather late than never, right? The two 21-year-olds behind this dope invention launched this project in late 2020, and have accumulated 100k followers on their three TikTok pages and over 15M in organic views. Along with bowl pieces, they plan to launch a wide range of products and bong improvements. This is definitely a brand to watch.

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**This was made in partnership with the brands listed above.

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