Herbies Headshop’s Top 5 Headiest Strains of 2020
With 2020 almost behind us, it’s time to consider which weed seeds you’ll plant in preparation for the next harvest season – and a new year of all new pot-ent possibilities.
Published on December 22, 2020

With a name like Herbies Headshop, you’d expect top-notch herb on the menu. And, living up to its namesake, Herbies definitely delivers – always – on the dankest of dank.

Herbies became one of the world's largest cannabis seed distributors on account of its impeccable customer service, fast and discreet worldwide shipping, and a variety of available payment options suited to the digital age (more on that below). While offering a diverse range of seeds and seed banks on Herbies website, the company takes its offerings even further by including free seeds as a bonus on every order!

But given all these high-quality options, picking the most optimal strain for your grow – whether it's in the home or for a storefront – can seem overwhelming at first. So, to give you a glimpse of what Herbies has to offer, here are its top five best-selling strains of 2020.


Cookies Gelato by Royal Queen Seeds

The smoke from Cookies Gelato tastes just like a chewy, lemon-flavored cookie fresh from the oven. And trust us: If you’re looking to get incredibly baked, Cookies Gelato seeds are the goods you’re looking for! This is all thanks to its sky-high 28 percent THC content and a rich mix of terpenes. If you happened to develop a tolerance while waiting out 2020 from your couch, it’s not going to last long. Just give Cookies Gelato 56 days of flowering, some time to cure, and prepare for a lift-off on par with your very first time. If you can stop on just one or two tokes, this strain becomes a perfect choice for socializing, going out, and chatting all night long.

Wedding Cake Auto by Barney's Farm

Dessert-themed strains have always been – ahem – a huge hit at Herbies, and Wedding Cake carries on that confectionary cannabis tradition. This 25 percent THC strain isn’t just a treat for your senses with its creamy notes, but it’s also a soothing balm for your mind and body thanks to the additional 2.4 percent CBD content. Mellow and long-lasting, it’s a seed that will yield plush buds ideal for smoking at the start, middle, or end of your day. And if you’re looking for big yields in smaller growing spaces, Wedding Cake Auto boasts an autoflowering stature of 90 cm, while still sprouting an average yield of 750g per plant.


Runtz Muffin by Barney's Farm

Runtz strains hold a legendary status among growers and tokers alike, and Runtz Muffin is one of the hottest varieties around right now. Why? First, it’s as potent as weed gets – so, get ready to experience 29 percent THC. Second, it brings a unique heady experience that feels like a fuzzy blanket of euphoria warmly draped over your entire body. This cannabis strain provides a quick onset of bliss and a sweet escape from everyday stress and worries. Moderate your puffs, and you can enjoy ultimate tension relief throughout an entire day. Lastly, the terpene profile of Runtz Muffin is simply delicious, combining loud notes of sour pineapple, sweet tropical fruits, and whipped cream.


Runtz Gum by Original Sensible Seeds

Another excellent option from the Runtz family, and an instant hit at Herbies, is Runtz Gum from Original Sensible Seeds. Her resin-rich buds are extremely sticky and chock-full of THC – 28 percent, to be precise. Perfect for amateur as well as experienced commercial growers, Runtz Gum grows hardy and yields plenty of dank flowers that instill a blissful, yet creative effect. Whether smoking them or making concentrates, Runtz Gum is a perfect all-rounder with its taste of sweet grapefruit and sour strawberry candy.


Gorilla Cookies Auto by FastBuds

Just about everybody loves Gorilla Glue. And everyone’s long been crazy about Girl Scout Cookies, too, so it’s no wonder that the lovechild of these two legends – Gorilla Cookies – elevated the cannabis game to all new heights. This cannabis strain brings everything you’d expect from hybrid weed, providing rollercoaster effects that will take you from laughing fits amid a rush of intense euphoria to waves of tranquility and coziness and then back again. This 27 percent THC adventure also brings a hassle-free growing experience, all thanks to Gorilla Cookies Auto’s short height, resistance to mold, and exceptional vigor.

This is just a sneak peek, of course, because there are thousands of different kinds of cannabis seeds available for purchase at Herbies. The list is huge, yet easy to navigate thanks to the thematic collections, user comments, and advanced search with multiple filters available. Whether you’re a pro or an amateur, you’ll easily find your next strain to grow at Herbies. By the way, their support doesn’t end after purchase – you can come back at any time for info on cannabis, growing tips, in-depth tutorials, and more. All this can be found on the blog section of Herbies’ website or within their dedicated Reddit community.

And last but not least, Herbies accepts a variety of payment methods suited to your needs. You can snag Herbies’s top-shelf seeds with cash, Bitcoin, credit card, or bank transfer – whatever’s easiest and primo for you.

Check out Herbies' uber-dope selection of weed seeds at their website by clicking here.

**This was made in partnership with Herbies Headshop

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