Watch Definitive Proof That Heath Kirchart Is the Official Skate Mayor of UC Irvine
Skate legend Heath Kirchart should have earned a degree in slams and hammers with the way he dedicated much of his early career to skating the West Coast university’s campus.
Published on June 8, 2017

Long gone are the days when skateboarders could practice their art in public and/or private properties and spaces with relative ease. In 2017, it’s pretty rare to find a plaza or park in America, let alone a collegiate institution, that will allow us to get down and dirty on four wheels. Be that as it may, there’s no denying how incredibly fortunate skaters of the past decades were in their freedom and fearlessness to do what has become more and more difficult for us to achieve.

Skateboard iconoclasts like Santa Ana-bred Heath Kirchart were forged and fortified during the golden era of manifest skateboarding. His dedication and the abilities that he unleashed upon spots like the University of California Irvine is the stuff legends are made of. But don’t just take our word for it, watch the proof via Joey Sinko’s latest tribute and edit “Heath Kirchart: Mayor of UCI”. Somewhat along the lines of what Manolo does with his famous tapes, Joey has compiled the most stellar archival footage of Heath’s campus heyday to create one very serious montage.

Laced to the nostalgic sounds of Strawbs’ “Autumn” and the Moody Blues’ “Your Wildest Dreams”, “Heath Kirchart: The Mayor of UCI” is six-plus minutes of gnarly slams and hearty makes that truly honor the proverbial OG. This one goes out to Heath, a ledge, rail and stair set pioneer and god for real.

So kick back, tune in, and pay your honest respect my friends.

Rainey Cruz
Rainey Cruz is a Caribbean-born spirit based in New York City with interests in art, music, skateboarding, mysticism, street, and world culture.
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