Heal Up and Get Irie with These Jamaican Canna-Products
From Fronto Leaves to Lamb's Bread flower, these homegrown products embody the nation's inextricable flavor and could help bolster its growing cannabis economy.
Published on August 2, 2017

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While Jamaica and cannabis have always seemed synonymous with one another (just ask any stoned dork with blonde dreads wearing that Bob Marley shirt where his face morphs into the Lion of Judah), the culture’s reverent history with the plant is quite different from the government’s tenuous one. Until April 29, 2015, when the Dangerous Drugs (Amendment) Act of 2015 passed, marijuana had been illegal, enforcing a classist society that plagued the less fortunate, spurring constant arrests and literal beatings at the hands of the upper crust.

Perhaps upon seeing the incredible amount of revenue generated by states like California and Colorado, Jamaica passed the amendment that legalized the sale and production of medical marijuana. Now, Rastafari can smoke “herb” for religious purposes, and tourists can possess up to two ounces and grow five plants. In a country stricken by poverty, capitalizing on what used to be viewed as the island’s stigma could be the key to setting its people free, providing an inundation of desperately needed cash and agricultural framework to spur the job market.

In honor of their upcoming Independence Day on August 6th, we wanted to spotlight some Jamaican canna-products that embody the island’s inextricable flavor and could help bolster the renation's ever-vibrant marijuana culture and cannabis economy. 

An Eighth of Lamb’s Bread

Also called “Lamb’s Breath,” this uplifting sativa strain, known for its Jamaican origins, is rumored to have been Bob Marley’s favorite weed to smoke. Bright green with a crystalline crunch, the pure sativa is exciting, energizing, and highly euphoric. With no down-bogging fatigue, it’s been known to be particularly effective in treating depression, hence Marley’s never-ending cascade of good vibes.

A relatively easy strain to find, cop at your local dispensary and enjoy before going out dancing with your friends, or any other event where being a boring stoned blob isn’t an option.

For more on Lamb's Bread, visit MERRY JANE's Goods page

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Whole Fronto Leaf

I first encountered fronto leaves while living in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, a predominantly Caribbean neighborhood. Their sweet, pungent smell and strange natural shape caught my eye, as did the awesome style of the men smoking them. Also called a fanta leaf, or grabba leaf, they’re undeniably cool and natural, despite their super strong taste and difficulty for rolling.

The full tobacco leaf, favorited by the likes of Rihanna, can be bought in single packages or by the pound. While different strengths and subtleties in flavor are available, one thing’s for sure: you’re probably only going to be able to handle one fronto blunt. That is, if you can get it rolled without tearing.  

Order Fronto Leaves via Leaf Only here

Marley Natural Cartridges

Marley Natural is a company that, if nothing else, is beautifully branded. Born from a 30 year deal between Privateer Holdings, a Seattle-based private equity firm, and the Marley family estate in Jamaica, their presence has been embraced wholly by consumers, netting millions in profit since their launch in early 2016. That said, there have been mixed reactions from the cannabis community, some of whom see it as a big business exploitation of the Marley name. The Marley estate, however, clearly doesn’t seem to think so.

Despite the controversy surrounding the brand, their products are undoubtedly gorgeous, with perfectly crafted smoking accessories and extremely high-grade flower and cartridges. Another positive aspect of the company is their Rise Up Jamaica project, a charity component that works to help Jamaicans learn about sustainable farming, bee-keeping, protecting land, and more.

These high grade C02 cartridges are available in Marley’s four signature strains: Black Indica, Green Hybrid, Gold Sativa, and Red CBD Rich. Available in Washington, Oregon, and California, find them at a dispensary near you.

Visit Marley Natural’s website for more on the company

Timeless Herbal Care O.penVAPE

When the Dangerous Drugs Amendment Act passed in April, 2015, Timeless Herbal Care (or THC, as they’re known) was the Jamaican company responsible for planting the first legal marijuana plants in over 102 years. THC is also leading the forefront in Jamaica’s medical tourism industry, where people from countries that don’t support cannabis treatment can come to their facility in Montego Bay and experience the magical healing powers of our favorite plant.

Designed to produce the biggest puffs possible, the Timeless O.penVape gives the option of preheating the oil before you hit it by pressing a button, or just hitting it normally without. While there isn’t much that sets this pen apart from the hundreds available to you in America at any given moment, THC’s focus on helping Jamaica create a legal framework for medical marijuana in hopes of uplifting the culture and lives of its people is one thing that’s worth supporting.

Visit Timeless Herbal Care’s website for more on the company

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