HalalCBD Is the First Brand to Make Cannabis Available to the Muslim Community
HalalCBD is the first cannabis product certified by the American Halal Foundation, making the plant accessible to the Muslim community for the first time in history.
Published on January 18, 2022

If you look at the packaging of HalalCBD products, you will notice that the products are both THC-free and Halal certified. As a matter of fact, they are the first CBD brand to go through a thorough process with the help of the AHF (American Halal Foundation) in order to obtain their certification. This has made CBD accessible to a demographic that makes up 24 percent of the world's population: the Muslim community.  

HalalCBD was founded with a clear purpose: To establish a new plant-based standard for individuals that adhere to a Halal dietary lifestyle. With the highest quality and standard ensured, the company is introducing the world to the first Halal Certified CBD brand. Natural ingredients, locally grown hemp, and 100 percent made in the USA. If this is your first time hearing the word “Halal,” it means it’s permissible and is primarily used by (but not limited to) Muslims. It means devoting to living a pure and conscious lifestyle including what you consume and digest. 


The dedication to product uniqueness and quality originates from CEO and Founder Fareed Syed’s personal experience with CBD.  As a Muslim entrepreneur, he has always searched for ways to make a difference in the lives of others.

His discovery experiencing the benefits of CBD led to his intrigue, which empowered him on a journey looking for answers – can hemp be halal? What does it mean for wellness products? What about natural alternatives to traditional medicine? He learned how important the purity of ingredients and manufacturing can be, especially when considering what can be halal certified.

In part of HalalCBD’s mission, Fareed’s goal is to raise awareness within the Muslim community on the benefits and usage of hemp products. Due to a lack of knowledge and leadership, the stigma of cannabis and the benefits of hemp have been ignored. 

His view is that it’s the responsibility of the younger generation to educate the older community and conservative members on the importance and possibilities of natural healing, while following Halal and Islamic standards.

A big question the team at HalalCBD gets asked a lot is “How is your CBD Halal?!”

Well there are three separate things that separate them from the rest:

  1. Manufacturing process: Although traditional manufacturing processes within the hemp industry may be thorough, Halal products must undergo rigorous procedures and adhere to additional manufacturing practices & SOPs in order to comply with Halal standards. 
  2. Ingredients: Ingredients are a major factor when it comes to manufacturing CBD and halal products. When Halal products are created, every ingredient’s origin and manufacturing processes are audited to ensure the highest quality while following Halal standards. 
  3. Halal Certification:  In order for a product to be truly considered Halal, a company must receive approval and certification from a verified and accredited body of certification. 

Once HalalCBD was up and running, it was time to think about how to spread the word and get the products out there. The brand launched with CBD gummies, tinctures, and lotion, creating products that cater to a wide range of audiences. In an effort to make HalalCBD accessible for a new group of CBD users, they are offering free samples of their gummies.


CEO of HalalCBD Fareed Syed mentioned three specific strategies that have garnered great success for the brand: “We started working with select shops and Halal supermarkets that have a strong relationship with the Muslim community, such as The Ummah Shop and Greenvine Market. Also, collaborating with athletes and brand ambassadors has given us the opportunity to get our brand in front of millions of potential customers. Lastly, and most importantly, curating educational material and content across social media has allowed us to build a following that truly supports and believes in our mission.” Some athletes and influencers that HalalCBD has worked with include professional basketball player Musa Abdul-Aleem, MMA professional athlete Abdul-Kareem Al-Selwady, and Lifestyle Blogger Candace Darkis “@theblondemuslim”. 

With over 1.9 billion Muslims in the world and the rapid increase of the Halal industry, HalalCBD made it a goal from the start to expand internationally as quickly as possible. Launched less than 10 months ago, HalalCBD is now available in the following countries: USA, India, France, United Kingdom, Sweden, and Denmark. The CBD industry has become saturated and competitive over the years, but the team at HalalCBD has found a creative and niche way to enter the market to introduce plant-based wellness to an audience where cannabis has been considered “haram'' (or, forbidden). 

Fareed is proud that his company is able to provide plant-based alternatives to help individuals around the world. He’s confident that with the Halal certification the Muslim community will be receptive to learning more about the cannabis industry and hemp products. HalalCBD’s mission, after all, is to lead the conversation, remove the stigma of cannabis, and make their products easily available to Muslims around the world.

**This was made in partnership with HalalCBD

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