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Hajime Sorayama Does Hollywood in New Exhibition

Domo arigato sexy roboto.

by Greg Hurdle

by Greg Hurdle

Japanese artist Hajime Sorayama will be unveiling a series of new “Sexy Robot” paintings for his stateside exhibition, “Sorayama.” 

Known primarily for his erotic, painted and airbrushed, depictions of “biomechanoid” women, Sorayama’s titular show will feature a collection of works from the artist that depict some of Hollywood’s most notable icons rendered in his mechanized style.

According to the Jacob Lewis Gallery, those who check out the exhibition can expectKate Moss as a bionic Playboy bunny, Snow White’s queen a dominatrix, and much more.

The show will open on October 28 and will run through December 17. 

Click here for further exhibition details and gallery location information. 



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