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Watch Gucci Mane’s Sneaker Shopping Spree at Stadium Goods In NYC

See what kicks Guwop adds to collection.

by Michael Geslani

With Gucci Mane having been freed from prison a few months back, and after being seen recently throwing hundred dollar bills around with Rick Ross in the "Money Machine" video, it's no Guwop found time to go drop some stack on kicks at sneaker consignment store Stadium Goods in New York this past week. The Trap Lord rapper goes on to explain that while in prison he was able to cop some Under Armour shoes for his workouts but would give them away after a few days. With all the recent work Gucci has put out,  it’s good to see him out there hustlin’ again, to put it in his own words. 

“Back in the day when I was hustlin’, Jordans was costing like $90, $100. But Air Max 95’s were costing like $130 or $140, or $149 back then,” Guwop explains in the video. “So they used to be my thing. When everybody was wearing Air Pegasus and New Balance, I made sure I had some 95s. I wanted to separate myself from all the hustlers on the corner.”

Watch Gucci talk about his favorite sneakers as well as what shoes stand apart to him here




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