Gimme the Gummies: Inside the Sweet Treats of CBDfx, an Industry Titan
Looking for a discreet CBD gummy brand to take your next-level anxiety down a few notches? CBDfx might be exactly what you're looking for.
Published on April 15, 2020

There’s nothing like stellar CBD gummies, especially in times of crisis. So, you better believe that in the past three weeks we’ve consumed more cannabis gummies than we have in our entire lives. And, considering the circumstances, we’re enjoying ourselves, thanks to CBDfx. The California-based company is our go-to CBD brand because they make good on everything that matters: Impeccable products, transparent practices, convenient online ordering, and mind-blowing customer service.

The best part is that all of their products rock. From vape juices and pens to CBD capsules to topical creams to drinks, face masks, and pet tinctures, their products are the measuring stick for quality. You know what you’re getting every time, and you never have to worry about feeling intoxicated. 

One of the best CBDfx products just got bigger and better, too! The company just launched more flavors of their delicious CBD candy gummies! Now, we get more choices because CBDfx is the bomb. And, these sweet treats taste exactly like gummies, not cannabis — which is a huge feat in the edible world, as the plant has a pungent taste. Plus, gummies are easy on the system, which is what all of our bodies need right now. And, let's not forget that keeping gummies with other supplements is a simple way to remember your daily dose of CBD. Who doesn't want to reduce anxiety and increase overall wellness?


CBDfx achieved its best-in-biz status by taking the time to cultivate perfection. As a result, they created one of the best lines of gummies we’ve ever tried — and we love gummies. They achieved this level of excellence by operating under a company-wide code that no gummies would reach the public if they didn’t meet the company’s high standards. After many formulation tests, they finally got it right.

CBDfx makes 100 percent natural gummies from hemp grown on a state-of-the-art farm. The gummies are 100 percent vegan, gluten-free, and contain no corn syrup, artificial sweeteners, GMOs, or any other damaging chemicals.

In addition, the 5mgs of cannabidiol in every gummy is derived from a broad-spectrum formulation, enabling every bite to pack-in all the advantageous aspects of the hemp plant. You can read up on all that (and more) on the bottle’s labels and — in much greater detail — in the CBDfx lab reports, which the company posts online for everything it makes and sells.


That’s all for the technical stuff. Now, let’s get into what everyone wants to know: How do CBDfx gummies taste; and how well do they work?

In the past, because we had to make do with non-CBDfx gummy options, we often found that CBD gummies tasted, uh, seriously “earthy.” In fact, such earthiness happened so regularly, we even thought all CBD gummies tasted like dirt. Having gone through the full array of CBDfx gummies, we’re happy to report that these bite-sized beauties deliver deliciousness by the mouthful.

Further, CBDfx gummies made the most noticeable impact in the areas that we specifically use CBD for: Anxiety, sleeplessness, and muscle pain. Of course, that’s just us. However you use CBD, we’re confident that these heavenly gummies will get you there, too. 

These CBD supplements currently come in packs of 60 with 300mg in every bottle. Their berry-flavored bears rank among our favorites. But, they also have gummies with turmeric and spirulina (to boost your superfood intake); gummies for sleep with melatonin; gummies with apple cider vinegar (plus a hint of pomegranate); and gummies with biotin (for help with hair, skin, and nervous systems). CBDfx also makes multivitamins for men and women. Talk about an ideal self-care product line!

Additionally, our experience with CBDfx customer service is always phenomenal. Recently, my partner wondered if the company’s rejuvediol CBD massage oil should be refrigerated (the answer is no, it shouldn’t — and yes, that person was stoned). It was zany, but we got a live human on the line who answered our questions directly, decisively, and in great spirits.

We mention that here because, given the present state of the world, we worry that complications might arise around the delivery of CBDfx gummies — or any product for that matter. To clarify their delivery status, we contacted customer service and, once again, the supremely helpful representative gave us a step-by-step explanation as to how our gummies will arrive, when to expect them, and exactly who to reach out to in the event of any unforeseeable hurdles.

That’s why CBDfx gummies are the absolute pinnacle, to date, in the arena of drool-worthy, chewable CBD treats. 

This was made in partnership with CBDfx

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