Fuck Flowers: Champagne and Cannabis Pairings for Valentine's Day
Celebrate romance with the bud you love best.
Published on February 12, 2016

Image: Shebeko / Shutterstock

Loving yourself comes first. Loving weed comes second. Loving someone else? That definitely falls in at least the top five.

But what about loving champagne (or sparkling wine, if you're that type of person)? How can we forget the drink that somehow simultaneously embodies celebration, love and the worst hangovers of all time? Well, the day to bring together everything you love (including bubbly alcohol) is coming up and nothing says romance like pairing cannabis with the perfect champagne. This Valentine's Day, chill your vibe and try out one of these strain and champagne pairings.

Champagne Kush and a Brut

A strain so perfect it was named after champagne itself. Champagne Kush is a sativa-dominant hybrid that will have you happy, energetic, talkative and excited, so you'll at least keep you, and maybe your date, entertained. Pairing this strain with a Brut, one of the driest champagnes you can find, works well in two ways. First, the bitterness of the Brut makes it great for sipping, so you won’t feel the alcohol competing with, or altering, the effects of the bud. Second, once your high wanes, you won’t crash. Instead, Champagne Kush has uplifting effects, meaning you’ll be ready to Netflix and Chill with your bae way past your bedtime.

Blue Dream and an Extra Dry

Blue Dream is a sweet indica strain that’s perfect for when you’re into a fun, but not-too-wild, night of loving yourself (or others). Expect a relaxed body and peaceful mind—also known as bliss—especially when you pair the strain's sweet, subtle taste with the slight bitterness of an Extra Dry champagne. If you only indulge in a small amount, the body high from the weed and the mild buzz from the champagne will set you up for ultimate relaxation—no masseuse required.

Jedi Kush and a Brut Rosé

Even with the holidays in recent memory, you might still enjoy treating yourself on Valentine's Day. If you and your date are planning to cook a meal together (let's be real, you're definitely ordering in Chipotle), Jedi Kush will have you hungrier than, well, a Jedi in training. Pair this strain with a Rosé, a normally bitter, but sometimes sweet, full-bodied champagne that perfectly accompanies a meal. Jedi Kush’s pine-like flavor definitely works well with the tart bubbles of most champagne, but is particularly enhanced by a sparkly, chilled pink wine. If you're feeling really adventurous, you might even want to make some cannabis-infused treats to accompany your feast.

Super Lemon Haze and a Doux

Super Lemon Haze is a citrusy sativa that you should definitely enjoy if you're planning to relax in the early stages of the night before heading out for a rowdier V Day. Your head will be clear and your mouth will be left feeling tantalizingly tangy. The tastes of Super Lemon Haze and a Doux—the sweetest of champagnes—are perfectly balanced, without competing for the spotlight either. The citrusy sweetness of the bud goes well with the energetic buzz courtesy of the champagne, prepping you for whatever you get your hands into.

Purple Bush (Leafs By Snoop) and a Dry/Sec

Another sweet indica, Purple Bush pairs best with a relaxed night in with your latest match. Equally sweet, Dry/Sec bubbles are a great complement to the berry flavors of Purple Bush. In simple terms, the combination will have you feeling euphoric (yes, in that way). Stress-free, fully relaxed and drinking champagne? Now that's the kind of romance St. Valentine intended.

It's time to kick convention to the curb and ditch the flowers, the dinner reservation and the shitty teddy bear no one wants. This Valentine's Day (even if you don't have a date/loved one/whatever), treat yourself to a relaxing night featuring the bud you love and some classy AF champagne. And if these strains aren’t quite doing it for you, check out our cannabis database for more inspiration.

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