Frisbee F.D. Gets Tricked and Smokes Treats in This Week's Halloween Comic
"Now, for the treat... smokin' out the Jack-o'-lantern!"
Published on October 31, 2019

In our comic strip Frisbee F.D., we follow the escapades of a weed-loving firedog who works in a town that hasn't seen smoke rise from anything but a blunt in over 300 years. Regardless, our protagonist has dedicated his life to getting high and protecting his community — in that order!

In this week's installment, it's Halloween time in Lemonwedge, Maine, and the whole town is going hog wild. Everyone is dressed up besides Frisbee, whose mind has been blown all over his face after getting tricked by some canna-cats. 

But just because he's dressed in his normal firedog outfit doesn't mean Frisbee's avoiding the spooky spirit! Just wait until he's passed the pumpkin bong. You already know he'll hit that shit. And then the dead shall rise and the ganja ghouls will come out to puff, puff, pass! 

A big happy Halloween to Lemonwedge and Frisbee!

Now, dig into the dank visual feast below, created by the inimitable Brian Blomerth and Kate Levitt. And don't forget to revisit the previous installment here.



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Brian Blomerth and Kate Levitt
Brian Blomerth is a talented illustrator whose comics often involve dog-people losing their shit in surreal neo-cities populated by other psychopathic dog-people. Kate Levitt is an otherworldly musician who co-writes comics with Brian. Both live in Brooklyn and are mad geniuses.
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