Forever Gifting Green: Here Are the Best Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals in Cannabis
Not sure what to get the people you love the most this holiday season? Well, lucky for you we scouted out the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals in cannabis and put them in a list for you. Boom! You're welcome.
Published on November 25, 2020

How is it already the holidays? What the hell happened to 2020?

Apparently we were stoned for the last 365 days and don't remember what's transpired this year — you know, aside from election insanity and quarantine. Now, it's December. And it's time to purchase gifts for our friends and family amidst another mandated lockdown. Say whaaat? 

In an effort to make things a tiny bit easier, MERRY JANE compiled a scrolling list of the best holiday sales in cannabis. While gatherings may be on hold this year, gifting the people you love the most doesn't have to be. Why not give your partner the gift of stress management? Or give your sibling a device that will facilitate relaxation? Or, maybe you can give your mom a decorative (glass) piece that will accent her living room. 

The options are endless, even if we're not allowed to shop in stores right now. Not having the option to touch and physically see the gifts we buy can feel uncomfortable. So, that's why quality is at the heart of this list. Ain't no one got time (or space) for low-quality products or accessories. We're leaving that vibe in 2020, and you should, too. What you give is also what you get.

So, here's to a holiday season of treating the people around you — and, thus, yourself — to the good life. What have we got to lose?


Lowell Farms

Now delivering! Select customers in Southern California can finally get the full Lowell Herb Co. experience delivered directly to their front door with Lowell Direct. From their award-winning eighth packs to their top-shelf flower, or their cold-pressed, solventless vapes and concentrates, Lowell has you covered. New customers can use promo code MERRYJANE for 20 percent off their delivery through Cyber Monday, 11/30.

Lowell Herb Co. has truly elevated the perception of cannabis consumption with its sophisticated packaging and best-selling products. The brand is known for working with a community of family farms who grow artisan craft cannabis with a deep love and respect for the plant. Lowell also collaborates with cultivators who offer special genetics or are passionate about various social causes throughout the year.

To celebrate the season, be one of the first to enjoy their new limited-edition Black Pack, The Celebration Sativa, available exclusively on Lowell Direct as part of their holiday Gold Rush gift set. This special gift set pairs one of their legendary Black Packs with their Lowell Dart and Bubble Hash for a combination sure to create a celebration worthy experience!


(Cannabox May 2020 'Bee Happy’)


The best and most trusted smoking subscription box, for the people. Each month, get an awesome theme with 6-8 seriously useful accessories like premium glass pipes & bongs, rolling papers, rolling trays, snacks, and gear. Items are carefully hand-picked or designed by Cannabox experts. Shop their Black Friday deals all weekend long:

Friday: 25% off all glass bongs & hand pipes

Saturday: 25% off all vaporizers

Sunday: 25% off all smoking accessories

Monday: 30% off all new Cannabox memberships

Visit to start your membership today.


Piece Maker

For this holiday season release, PieceMaker is proud to present to you: The "KWACK-en"! The KWACK™️ is PieceMaker’s first Kanimal silicone water pipe and “adults-only” piece. We’ve designed it with our new angled hex-tek™️ stem and smoke-able mouthpiece.

Fully-featured in a cute and compact frame, the Kwack’s removable head makes cleaning a breeze. Since 2015, PieceMaker has been designing, developing, and distributing fun & flexible silicone smoking gear.  Our products are ideal for people on the go, adventurers, and savvy urbanites. Blaze your own trail. Check us out at


Sky Wellness

We’re here to make people Feel Better and there’s no time like the Holidays to start! For Black Friday and Cyber Monday get 50% off all CBD BUNDLES! If you’re looking to start the Holidays on the right foot, and slide happily into the New Year already a new you, try the Sky Wellness “Feel Better” CBD Bundle!

This all-inclusive bundle is packed full with 125MG of CBD gummies, 125MG of CBD Sleep Soft Gels, 500MG of CBD Peppermint Hemp Oil, and 250MG of CBD + 10MG CBG Pain Relief Lotion. It’s a perfect gift for you, or for the “hard to buy for” in your circle of family and friends! We’re known as the feelings and flavors CBD company so not only do our products work like a charm, they taste great too. Double win! View a list of our entire bundle assortments here!

Sky Wellness products are made only from the highest quality raw materials in the cleanest, safest, certified facilities in the USA. Our CBD products are created by nature, perfected by science, and designed to make you feel better.


MOTA Glass

When you buy American-made glass, you support the work and livelihood of an independent artist. MOTA Glass is made in Los Angeles, California, by a collective of independent glassblowers. In other words, these glass pieces are not imported from overseas. We believe in an inclusive cannabis community centered around honesty, integrity, and respect for the plant — and the people who enjoy its benefits.

MOTA is a minority- and woman-owned company that not only offers an American-made product, they’re also crafting some of the highest quality glass bongs in California. Once you start using MOTA Glass, you’ll have a new understanding of quality smokeware. The difference is obvious upon first touch, but the high-end smoking experience is forever etched into the psyche after your first MOTA sesh. 

Visit MOTA Glass online for more information.



CBDaf! Is offering 50% off all CBD bundles throughout Black Friday and Cyber Monday! Looking for a unique Vape experience while raging the night away at home in quarantine? Try the CBDaf! “Vape Variety” bundle! 

This all-inclusive bundle combines the bomb flavors of Pineapple Express, Blue Dream, and Granddaddy Purple, PLUS a premium vaporizer battery, all in one easy to use vape bundle! You won’t be disappointed by the mind-blowing flavors in this bundle! Try us once, we’ll see you again soon, guaranteed! View a list of our entire bundle assortments here!

At CBDaF! We are comfortable not conforming to the same boring or sketchy standards you find in the CBD industry. And, because of this, we transparently make kick-ass products that are always backed up through independent testing. Whether your 24- or 64-years-old, we DGAF — we know our tribe when we see it!


Outstanding Foods

Got the munchies? Then get Snoop's cure for the munchies, PigOut Pigless Pork Rinds! They're Addictively Delicious, packed with protein, and 100% plant-based! They're also baked just like Snoop :) Chef-crafted by Dave Anderson of Beyond Meat and comes in five flavors - Original, Hella Hot, Salt & Vinegar, Texas BBQ, and Nacho Cheese. For this holiday season, head to and get 30 percent off your entire order.


Space Coyote

This Black Friday, Space Coyote is offering all MERRY JANE lovers 20 percent off all of their apparel with the code MERRYJANE. There isn’t much inventory left already, so get it while you can! This limited drop features tees and accessories for all you Space Coyotes out there.

For those of you new to Space Coyote, they make the most delicious extract infused joints. That’s right, hash joints, live resin joints, even diamond joints. Gone are the days of tasteless ol’ prerolls and mediocre highs. Each Space Coyote itself is a limited release with a batch-specific herb and concentrate strain pairing, making every joint a high potency special occasion. Coming to you in 1 gram singles and half gram 5-packs, these are going to become your favorite doobs after the first puff. These joints never get put on promotion, so snagging Space Coyote merch at 20% off is a pretty big deal. Offer lasts until Monday at midnight, but inventory won’t be restocked once a size sells out of these designs! Act fast friends. 

To get in on the Space Coyote action, click here, and use code: MERRYJANE


My Bud Vase

“He sees you when you’re smoking, he knows when you are baked…” Make Santa’s Nice List this year and give the perfect gift with a My Bud Vase™. 

Being stuck at home this holiday season just got brighter with our festive bongs. Our vases are elegantly crafted water pipes that bring art, expression, and discretion to your cannabis lifestyle. We are all about the magical details that make smoking beautiful. Fly over to MyBudVase to check out our exclusive styles, accessories, and up to 40 percent OFF holiday deals that will make you a gift-giving hero and have Santa ridin’ high.  

*Remember to mention “merryjane” in the notes at checkout for a free gift with purchase.


Lean Green Wizard

Whether you smoke two joints in the morning or occasionally light up at a show, there’s nothing more convenient than a perfectly packed pre-rolled cone. With cannabis being legalized medicinally or recreationally in more than two-thirds of the states, there is no better time to spark up some green in the form of a legendary cone.

Meet the Lean Green Wizard, a durable all-in-one cone filling kit so easy to use; it's practically magic. The cone loader has a stand-up design and a removable tray that makes the mess and difficulty typically associated with filling cones disappear. Equipped with an indestructible 4-piece grinder and magic wand, you hold the power to quickly pack 1¼” or king-size cones anywhere. The kit is ultra-portable and allows you to easily fill your own pre-rolled cones in seconds. Simply put, the Lean Green Wizard grants anyone the gift to roll and enjoy perfect, even-burning cones.

Didn’t get a Ph.D. in origami, but fantasize about that mystical monster-size pre-roll packed with the dankest herb?  Let the Lean Green Wizard create the magic for you. Pack perfect pre-rolls every time. No one wants to smoke a pinner. Quit messing around and do yourself a favor. 

Buy a Lean Green Wizard for less than $10 today!


Kind Pens

We took your old, boring wax vaporizers and created Weezy, a state-of-the-art vape that’s fun, practical, and discrete. Say goodbye to burnt and wasted vape material, dead batteries in the middle of a session, and sticky hands — this baby has a compact and powerful 700mAh built-in battery designed to get you through the day without recharging AND a pop-up ceramic atomizer that’s easy to fill and clean. Grab your Weezy today, take it for a spin, and find out why it can run circles around those overpriced wax vaporizers that cost an arm and a leg (and end up ruining your material).

Visit their website for more information


Heavy Hitters

Heavy Hitters, legendary for producing the original Ultra Pure and Ultra Potent vape carts are bringing you something to be truly thankful for!  Using the same purity and potency found in their iconic concentrates, Heavy Hitters has launched a new line of Ultra Potent Gummies, offering you the heaviest hitting gummies on the market that are deliciously mouth-watering too.

Speaking of flavor, all Heavy Hitters Ultra vape carts are made with 100% cannabis native terpenes to provide you with the extremely potent effects you are looking for during the holidays. Have you tried their new Durban Poison vape cart? Bursting with citrus and herbal flavors and coupled with powerful and uplifting Sativa effects, now is a great time to try one! Pick up a Durban Poison or any other Heavy Hitters 1g cart between Wednesday, November 25th and Friday, November 27th at any Medmen location and receive 100mg pack Heavy Hitters Ultra Potent Gummies for only $0.01!


Flower Co

You already know our prices are crazy low. Our products, the dankest. No need to thank us. Now things are getting even better with our first ever…BOG¢ Sale!!!! 

BOG¢: LOUD PACK + DIME BAG: “Buy one get one for a penny!” Buy 1 loud pack concentrate, get one free Dime bag Orange Tartz edible

B2G1¢: SMOKIES: “Buy two get one for a penny!” Buy 2 smokies edibles get one free Sour Jamberry edible

Visit the Flower Co. online for more information


Tras Rolling Co.

Want a wrap that will last as long as a Blunt and be as smooth as a joint? Welp, have you ever tried smoking a corn husk?   

At T.Ras Rolling Co each of our all-natural alternative rolling papers are hand-selected and prepared in New York, where they are also inspected to ensure all of the characteristics needed for a great smoke and the highest level of quality.

Our product is never chemically treated and is unprocessed and unbleached. Begin enjoying the smoking process with renewed appreciation. Share it with your friends and enhance their experience. Keep it all-natural.

This Holiday season T.Ras Rolling Co. wanted to do something special, so we released a limited edition bundle kit at a BARGIN!

What's Included:

- T.Ras Rolling Co. Tins 10 Pack Rolling Paper Alternative

- Power Hitter Classic Edition

- T.Ras Rolling Co. Premium Sticker Pack

- T.Ras Rolling Co. Premium Smell Proof Bag

Go to T.Ras Rolling Co for more information, and use code “MERRYJANE” at check out!


Burning Bottles

Veteran owned and operated, Burning Bottles takes pride in each and every water pipe delivered because we know our “Upcycle” approach is one step closer to helping our environment. We want our customers to have the best experience while simultaneously knowing they’re doing something good for the world. Visit our online store or fill out our contact form for your very own custom order.

Veteran and now contractor, Anthony Russo of Pennsylvania, has always had a passion for creativity, the environment, and building things with his hands. When he noticed how many glass bottles were being tossed in the trash at homes and businesses, he had an epiphany. Why not upcycle that glass to create water pipes? When one has an opportunity to help save the planet and put smiles on people's faces while doing it, they take it. And that’s just what Anthony did. He started Burning Bottles and has been upcycling bottles for over 3 years now. Join Anthony and the rest of the Burning Bottles family in a mission to make people smile and save the planet. 

Want Anthony to make a custom bottle you don’t see in our online store? We can make steamrollers and double-decker water pipes (smaller bottles on handles of the same brand). 

**This list was made in partnership with the brands listed above

Click to shop at our CBD store
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