Florida Cops Join Halloween Fear Mongering After Seizing Bags of THC Gummy Bears
Neptune Beach police aren’t the first to make absurd weed warnings ahead of the holiday, and they won’t be the last.
Published on October 29, 2019

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The police in Neptune Beach, Florida haven’t seen any ghouls, goblins, or ghosts, but they’re already terrified of a Halloween boogeyman. Ahead of this week’s sugar-soaked holiday, Sunshine State cops issued a warning for parents to watch out for THC edibles in their children’s pillowcase bags and plastic pumpkins.

According to Fox 35 Orlando, Neptune Beach cops posted a photo on Facebook late last week showing a traffic stop seizure that included a dirty bong, four relatively small bags of weed, about $300 in cash, and 11 bags of THC-infused gummy bears. The department's Facebook page didn’t mention if an arrest was made or if any bong water spilled in the police cruiser, but they did issue a stern warning to parents about cannabis gummy bears.

“This candy looks very similar to regular ‘gummy bear’ or ‘sour patch’ type products,” the Neptune Beach PD warning read. “Here are a few tips to help keep your children safe during Halloween: ALWAYS inspect your children’s candy prior to consumption. Never eat anything that is suspicious or not in an originally sealed manufactures packaging. If in doubt, throw it out!”

The Neptune PD join their counterparts in Canada and Johnstown, Pennsylvania, where cops made similar fear-mongering warnings after discovering a stash of weed-infused Nerds Rope candies in a pot bust earlier this month. 

Of course, there have been a grand total of zero actual reported cases of drug pushers purposely passing off expensive edibles to 10-year-old trick-or-treaters, but when it comes to American police, common sense isn’t exactly a strong suit. After all, judging by the cash found alongside the pre-bagged edibles in Neptune Beach, those gummy bears aren’t the free kind.

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