FJAAK, Techno’s Funniest Weedbros, Explain How They Get Medical Marijuana in Germany
MERRY JANE caught up with the pot-loving producers to discuss MMJ in the EU, marijuana memes, and staying lit while touring the globe.
Published on January 11, 2019

Photos by Diogo Lima, courtesy of FJAAK

Felix Wagner is probably the first professional DJ to obtain a German medical marijuana card. The license allows him to travel with up to 15 grams of cannabis throughout the Schengen Area, a coalition of 26 European countries that share a common visa policy and allow international travellers to traverse their borders without a passport. It also lets him pick up grass at any pharmacy in Germany or have the pharmacy deliver it to his door around the clock. Although Germany legalized medicinal marijuana in early 2017, I hadn't seen or heard of anyone actually obtaining it. That is, until Wagner pulled a prescription container from his bag as we sat down for an interview at the Berlin offices and studios of the electronic music record label Monkeytown.

The permit certainly comes in handy for a heavy toker who travels as much as Wagner does. As a member of the internationally sought-after techno group FJAAK, he travels to dozens of countries for over 100 gigs every year. In 2018 alone he and his bandmate, Aaron Röbig, visited about 40 nations and locales — from Ibiza to Serbia and the Philippines — and they carefully noted the varying prices and availability of cannabis in each one. The habit speaks to the same obsessive, intellectually curious passion that they apply to music, both making it on hardware electronic instruments, as well as playing it to dancefloors around the world. 

Catherine Fields.
Catherine Fields is a Hungarian Jew who escaped to Germany, where she currently lives and works as a doctor's tradwife.
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