Eyce’s Spark Will Literally Bring Some Color to Your Smoke Seshes
Cannabis is an everyday part of your life, so it’s high-time to brighten up your smoking den in style. And Eyce Molds, as always, has got your back.
Published on December 22, 2020

With national legalization on the horizon, the cannabis lifestyle has officially gone mainstream. That means the days of tin-can pipes, jury-rigged rigs, and other MacGuyvered smoking devices are behind us. The future, as they say, looks bright. 

So, if you’re gonna get lit, get lit with flair. Your smoking piece can, and should, serve as a centerpiece, too. In other words, it’s time to clear some table space for The Spark by Eyce Molds.

The Spark works just like most water pipes. It features a percolator to deliver plumes of cool, rich smoke or dabs. It comes with two interchangeable 14mm stems: A borosilicate glass stem for blazing dank flower and a quartz bucket for banging heady concentrates. The kit also includes a steel poker that can double as a dab wand. And best of all, The Spark is compact and lightweight, so you can take it with you just about anywhere in a backpack or purse.

Basically, The Spark comes with nearly everything you need to get the party started. The only things you need to bring are something to toke and something to light it with.


All photos courtesy of Eyce Molds

To guarantee that you, dear reader, would receive top-notch quality with The Spark, we tried one out here at MERRY JANE. The Spark’s smaller size gave us ample control over how much of the good stuff we got with each hit. If we wanted just a tiny toke for a taster, we could easily draw that without milking the chamber first. But when we went big and torched through an entire bowl packed to the brim, in just one massive breath, The Spark got the job done — and we didn’t catch a cough or leave behind any precious smoke in the rig.

But what really makes The Spark pop: Swappable LED lights that come in an assortment of colors. 

Eyce’s LEDs beam through The Spark’s borosilicate glass base, illuminating the entire pipe from the inside out, like a crystalline neon sign. The Spark comes with a White LED, but you can expand the eye candy by snagging the Eyce LED Expansion Pack. The pack includes four additional LED flavors: Red, Green, Purple, and “Disco” - a strobing party light that alternates between all of the available colors. Oh, and you get an extra White LED in the expansion pack, as well. Batteries come included with all of Eyce’s LEDs.


If you’re wondering about the LED removal and installation process, we promise, it’s just as easy as loading a bowl. And rest assured, water in the pipe won’t touch the LED, either. The Spark’s glass base is nestled in Eyce’s platinum-cured silicone sleeve, which not only protects the glass from dings and scratches, but looks hella wicked, too. The sleeve also features a secret stash compartment hidden in the base. 

The LED sits between the silicone and the glass, and swapping one LED only requires slipping the glass out of the silicone sleeve, setting in the new LED, then placing the glass back inside of the silicone. The LED turns on and off with an easily accessible switch.


When you grab The Spark, you’ll also get a choice of silicone designs to choose from: Black, Winter (a mix of blues and black), and Bangin’ (a mix of hot pink and black). We went with the Bangin’ silicone sleeve and installed the Purple LED for an extra fantabulous visual feast that set the mood for our chillaxed sesh. 

Eyce Molds, based in Oregon, built its reputation in the cannabis community by fashioning top-tier silicone-based gear that’s safe to heat. The Spark marks Eyce’s first foray into glassware as part of the company’s Proteck line, where you’ll still get the benefits of Eyce’s high-end, eye-catching silicone. 

And once you grab your Spark, consider an excellent carrying case for it, too. The box that The Spark comes packaged in works fine for protecting your rig during transport. But if you’re looking for something more durable that offers much greater protection, check out Revelry Supply’s Hard Cases

To learn more about Eyce Molds or to purchase its visually stunning products, check out the company’s website 

**This was made in partnership with Eyce Molds. 

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