Ease Back into Autumn with These Productivity-Boosting Canna-Products
School is in session, work is in session, you might as well enjoy a session of your own. To ensure efficiency, though, these cannabis delights will help you get the job done.
Published on September 8, 2017

As we emerge from the sluggish haze of boredom that is the end of summer, thoughts of crisp fall days and cashmere sweaters dance like the warm hues of autumn leaves we've yet to see. To advertisers, school boards, and your employer, it's fall. To everyone else, it's 1000 degrees with a debilitating humidity index. Regardless, real pressures of the post-Labor Day world are currently crashing through your inbox at a million emails an hour. Unfortunately, it's time to switch seasonal gears, recalibrate, and get back to work.

Until fall weather kickstarts a natural pep in your step, try these productivity-boosting cannabis products to get you through the hot, sunny work days ahead. School is in session, work is in session, you might as well enjoy a session of your own.

Kiva's Espresso Terra Bites

Smoking in the morning isn't always the best look, especially when you're embarking on a new job, class, or fall project. Not only will you reek of weed (even though you don't think you do, you do), it seems the effects of smoking are exacerbated in the morning. Puffy red eyes, slowed reaction time, indescribable sleepiness, all very high school, even for a highschooler. While cannabis is more accepted than ever, it's unprofessional to show up clearly high to anything in the morning, and people notice. Trust me.

Kiva's Espresso Terra Bites are sent from jah to help us through this trying time. Each Tanzanian coffee bean is covered in dark chocolate, packing a punch of 5mg THC, which sounds like a little but can quickly become a lot after gobbling a few. Start with one in the morning and work your way through the day. In public, whether around colleagues or classmates, microdosing is your friend. Superdosing is not.

Therapy Tonics Cannabis Coffee

Few experiences rival smoking a joint while enjoying a cup of coffee. Something about this union is perfect, each obtaining what the other lacks, leveling an indescribable harmony. If you're going to make it through September, you're going to need a lot of coffee. And if you're going to enjoy September, you're going to need some THC, too.

The Vanilla Caramel Cannabis Coffee, Therapy Tonics flagship and most popular product to date, combines coffee and cannabis into one delightful drink. Arabica espresso, non-GMO sugar and milk, cannabis sativa and vanilla work together for a calming and uplifting effect throughout the day. For me, 80 mg is a lot of THC for the morning, especially if I want to be on point. So add shots to a normal coffee, or, if you're a G like that, enjoy the drink as is.

Brewbudz Breakfast Blend K-Cup

While coffee is amazing to most, for some it can lead to jitters, sweating, and a general sense of malaise. If coffee has a tendency to backfire on you, but caffeine is still a must, there's hope yet.

Brewbudz Black Tea K-cups are a game changer in terms of convenience and sustainability. K-cups have caused a bit of a catastrophe in recent years due to the ungodly amount of trash they produce. However, each Brewbudz cup is 100% compostable, made with organic natural flower and beans. Available in 10, 25, and 50mg THC, customize your morning, whether crunching for a big meeting, or playing hookie to sip tea in bed.

A Few Hits of Green Crack Flower

If you're a flower purist, shying away from the wild world of caffeine-infused edibles and drinkables, sativa-dominant strains should be extremely important to you in this season of readjustment. While there are literally hundreds to choose from, few are more potent, or popular (and for good reason), than Green Crack.

The sativa-dominant strain, derived from Skunk #1, earned the Green Crack nickname for its intensely uplifting effects and high so enjoyable you'll never want to stop smoking it. Highly energetic, fruity, and zingy, it's the perfect cure for fatigue or depression, both of which are common reactions to reentering the real world after a long and languid summer vacation.

To learn more about Green Crack, check out MERRY JANE's Goods Database.

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