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Dress Your GTA Character Like a Hypebeast Thanks to the New Online Expansion Pack

Rockstar Games knows is definitely up on today’s fashion.

by Adrian Nuñez

Grand Theft Auto V may have released years ago, but its fan base continues to obsess over the online play. With each new update, the game allows you to do wilder and wilder shit. Ever the pop culture scholars, the latest update from Grand Theft Auto allows players to dress their characters like hypebeasts.

In true troll fashion, Rockstar designed a bunch of knockoffs of some of the biggest names in streetwear. Namely, the game took design inspiration from the likes of Supreme, Palace, Vetements, Golf Wang, and much more.

Not only can you get away with murder in the game, you can kill the game with your avatar's threads too. 



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Adrian Nuñez is a writer from New Jersey who has contributed work on the topics of music, fashion, and general dope shit for publications like Mass Appeal, Esquire, and Sole Collector.



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