Say Hello to Doobie, Boston's Newest Weed Delivery Platform
Doobie is finally providing a seamless and premium weed delivery experience to everyone who lives in Boston. Say hello to the future of cannabis delivery in Bay City.
Published on September 22, 2023

Boston is renowned for weed delivery, Fenway Park, the Charles river, one of the world’s most famous marathons, prestigious and world-renowned universities, and even a bar that inspired the iconic show Cheers. Now, Boston boasts an even more exciting addition: Doobie, the Bay City’s newest weed delivery platform, offering a discreet and convenient way to order your favorite cannabis products online and get them delivered right to your door. 


Doobie IS the Future of Weed Delivery 

Doobie weed delivery makes it possible to enjoy and experiment with a vast range of cannabis products in the safety and comfort of your home. From premium flower and pre-rolls, to edibles, vapes, concentrates, and more, Doobie knows there's no place like home when you’re high (or hoping to be). So sit back, relax, and let Doobie handle the delivery. 

Doobie’s dispensary operates entirely online, allowing you to swiftly and conveniently choose your favorite products with a few taps on your keyboard and a click of a mouse. You will never have to leave your home and brave Boston’s 24/7 traffic, endure road work, or search for parking at a dispensary again. Shopping for your favorite cannabis products has never been easier than ordering with Doobie. 


Buy Weed Online At Doobie

Ordering weed online has never been smoother with Doobie’s user-friendly platform! Whether you’re in pajamas, lounging in bed, or simply don’t want to leave the house, you can try discreet delivery so the neighbors will never know. The company’s licensed delivery drivers are inconspicuous professionals. 

Navigating cannabis-related legal issues can be challenging, especially considering the gravity of violations such as driving under the influence or with an open container of cannabis. Aside from being illegal, these actions can pose significant risks. As the clock strikes 4:20, opting for Doobie's weed delivery is the responsible decision. Sometimes simply driving with weed, even when it’s securely packaged, can make people anxious and nervous. Who needs that? Leave the driving to one of Doobie’s expertly-trained and licensed Marijuana Delivery Operators.


Weed Delivery Boston

Weed delivery in Boston began in 2021, three years after cannabis dispensary sales became legal in Massachusetts. Deliveries can only be made to a residential address and cannot be delivered to a public or commercial address. 

In the state of Massachusetts, adults 21 and older can possess up to one ounce of weed in public and up to 10 ounces at a private residence. Indulging in cannabis in public places is not legal, so make sure to smoke or consume at home

Interestingly enough, Massachusetts law permits growing up to a dozen cannabis plants per household. With that said, most people prefer smoking weed than growing it so they purchase at a licensed legal dispensary. better at smoking weed than growing it, they have to purchase it at a licensed dispensary. Why stand in line when you can try Doobie? 

Weed Delivery Tips and Tipping with Doobie

First, check Doobie’s delivery zones. After ensuring weed delivery is available in your area, type in a residential address t, grab your government-issued ID to verify you’re of legal age, and a credit or debit card to pre-pay for your order. Oh, and keep them handy for later! Once your order is confirmed, your driver will deliver products to your door in 2 hours or less. 

In order to ensure a secure, safe delivery, all delivery drivers must meet specific requirements and complete a full background check to become licensed as a marijuana delivery operator. They must provide documentation of adherence to the Cannabis Control Commission’s regulations, including a security plan, storage plan, delivery plan, quality control and testing, Marijuana Courier license type, and a plan for dispensing procedures. You can find additional criteria in the Commission's Guidance on Licensure.


What Makes Doobie Different?

Doobie is more than a fast, discreet delivery service; it creates positive customer experiences through education, knowledge, and active listening. The team behind Doobie finds the best products in the industry to ensure the dispensary is always offering a vast sampling that will satisfy the needs of every new and experienced consumer. 

Plus, all of Doobie’s product offerings must pass stringent lab tests and receive verification. Rest assured that you’re choosing verified cannabis products of superior quality. 

Doobie carries a vast array of brands, including: 

  • Blue River
  • Dogwalkers
  • Cresco
  • Fernway
  • FloraCal Farms
  • Good Chemistry Nurseries
  • High Supply
  • Kiva
  • Lowell Herb Co.
  • LuvBuds
  • Miss Grass
  • Modern Flower
  • O.pen
  • Pax
  • Rhythm
  • Smyth Cannabis CO
  • Southie Adams
  • Trulieve
  • Wynk

Let Doobie Be Your Mobile Dispensary

For cannabis on the go, order online (and skip the dispensary line), then sit back and relax while Doobie does the rest. Their user-friendly platform is designed with you in mind, so ordering is easy. If you don’t know what you want or have questions, Doobie’s Concierge is ready to help, and they can also place an order for you. Just call (888) 836-6243.

Upon placing an order, the Doobie team will text you the one-hour delivery window for your product arrival. Doobie is Boston’s one-stop shop for top-shelf cannabis products delivered discreetly to your door (and with a smile).

Weed delivery is just one step you can take to help make your life a little safer, smoother, and sweeter. Doobie’s weed delivery service is the easiest, most convenient way to get cannabis brought straight to your home, where you can consume it in peace. 

MERRY JANE is based in Los Angeles, California and is dedicated to elevating the discussion around cannabis culture.
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