Deflowered with Eben Britton
Eben Britton is a retired NFL lineman, writer, and weed smoker.
Published on May 11, 2016

Eben Britton sat down with us to share one of his most memorable first times—the first time he played offensive line. Britton is a big guy who as a freshman in high school was 6’3 and 230 pounds. He had a dream of becoming the quarterback of the high school football team but was quick to learn that wouldn’t happen after his first day of practice.

He was the slowest guy on the team running a 6.3 40-yard dash, which if you don’t know is really, really slow. Speed aside, Britton’s coach saw a lot of potential in him and said that, “with your size and athletic ability you have a future as an offensive lineman.” Britton’s reaction was “fuck that.” People considered offensive line to consist of “big uglies” that no chicks wanted to date. Ultimately, he fell in love with the position because “there is no other place where you can get your hands on someone and burry them in the ground and physically dominate them and it is totally okay, and in fact people are cheering for you to do it.” Seems aggressive but it's all okay because he smokes weed and is calm deep down.

The same time he fell in love with his new position is the same time he fell in love with writing. Britton was in love with two things and those two things are what got him to where he is today. While he was getting football scholarships from a bunch of different reputable universities, Britton narrowed his decision down to the schools that had a creative writing program, which lead him to choose the University of Arizona as they had one of the best in the country.

Join us for this episode of Deflowered not only to hear Eben Britton's story in his own words, but also to hear his favorite strain, favorite munchie, and favorite thing to do when smoking weed.

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