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De Paris Yearbook Shares Their Third Edit “3”

De Paris, of London, aus Berlin.

by Hadrien Turner

Having already shared some of the parts from the edit recently, including Yoshi Tannenbaum’s, Michael Mackrodt’s and the joint Maceo Maureau/Marca Barbier section, De Paris Yearbook has now shared their "3" video in its entirety.

While originally, De Paris Yearbook’s mission is to urge viewers to “take a different look at the city of Paris and its surroundings,” this time they’ve crossed European borders and also given us a look into the skate scenes of Berlin and London as well as Paris.
Set to a distinctly shoegaze and post-punk soundtrack, and punctuated with beautiful 16mm shots between sections, “3” is an extremely enjoyable almost 30-minute video. It features appearances from the likes of Remy Taveira, Kevin Rodriguez, Roman Gonzales, Tom Knox, Jake Collins, Jarne Verbrugen, Didrik Gallasso, Joseph Biais, Vincent Coupeau, Denny Pham, Dennis Busenitz, and Kyron Davis among others.
Watch “3” here. Bon voyage!

DPY - 3 - De Paris Of London Aus Berlin from DE PARIS on Vimeo.


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Hadrien Turner is a music and skate junkie based in Athens, GA who has written for publications like Mass Appeal and The Ride Channel.



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