DankGals Founder Janice Buu Talks Entrepreneurship and CBD Skin Care on “Queens of the Stoned Age”
MERRY JANE’s Mira Gonzalez sits down with the CBD and cannabis accessories CEO to learn more about her path to the legal weed industry and the rise of the DankGals empire.
Published on December 20, 2018

If you’ve ever walked into a brick and mortar head shop, you’ve probably been seen a familiar setting; complete with a dank must in the air, cases of bongs, a few Bob Marley posters, and the traditional trappings of bro culture. But if that sounds like an unnecessary flashback to your freshman dorm, DankGals is here to save the day.

On the latest episode of "Queens of the Stoned Age," MERRY JANE managing editor Mira Gonzalez sits down with DankGals founder Janice Buu to learn more about her journey from behavioral pathologist to the cannabis industry, and what it takes to sell smoking accessories and CBD skin care to women around the world.

Over a full blunt provided by our friends the Green Angels, Gonzalez and Buu discuss the camaraderie among women in the world of weed, the humble beginnings of DankGals as a cardboard cubicle in an apartment complex parking garage, and describe the finer points of CBD sleeping masks and other cannabis-infused skin care secrets.

So don’t be shy: kick back, relax, and get woke with the freshest ep of "Queens of the Stoned Age" — the days of marijuana mansplaining are over.

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