Consumption Report: A Weed Week in the Life of Dope as Yola
The canna-celeb, who literally gets paid to smoke weed, documented his life for a week. In this dank diary, Yola smokes a 14-gram joint smoke, reviews a bong Seth Rogen made famous, and lives the lush life.
Published on February 11, 2019

All photos courtesy of Dope as Yola unless otherwise noted

Welcome back to Consumption Reports, MERRY JANE’s series where we spend a weed week-in-the-life of a notable cannabis personality. This diary of dank nug will track each subject’s entire cannabis consumption experiences over the course of a full work week. On top of the THC tally, our subjects will detail the set and setting specs of their seshes, document the week, and include subsequent observations and highdeas. This week, we’ve got Dope As Yola.

Dope as Yola is a cannabis personality, “weedfluencer,” and content creator born and raised in Merced, California. He recently moved to Los Angeles to continue his career… where he literally gets paid to smoke weed. Dope as Yola is most known for the comedy skits, weed photos, and memes he posts on social media, but he also owns a popular clothing company called Push Trees. In his words, “I’m the modern era’s version of a Cheech or Chong!” You can find him smoking and laughing daily on his Instagram and YouTube channel.

Editor's Note: Before we could publish this edition of "Consumption Report," Dope as Yola had his Instagram account suspsended — something that regularly happens to him without recourse. All Instagram embeds have been replaced as a result. 


DAY 1 — Tuesday

10:25am — Downtown, LA

Woke up smoked a few bowls of “Sprite,” grown by On Point Extracts out of Las Vegas. Then I had to hit the post office to drop some packages off.  


12:20pm — Anaheim, California 

I drove to Anaheim to check out some new weed flavors. My friend is a grower and I wanted to see his new harvest. While I was out there, I figured I’d go visit a few friends. Took some faaaat dabs of Apple Fritter Budder with my homie. Budder is another form of concentrate, and it has cookie dough-like consistency. I’m always scared to hit this one friend’s rigs because I don’t wanna break em; they are so damn expensive!!!! Then I checked out some of his weed... my friend always has 5-10 strains on hand, so it’s like a damn candy shop. I ended up picking up some SFV OG and King’s Kush.


2:29pm — Huntington Beach 

Headed over to my friend John’s place to catch up and dab. He has a company called Hash House, and they honestly make some of the best Hash Rosin I’ve ever tried. Once I got to the crib, we squished some ice hash into rosin and did a full YouTube tutorial on it with him. Rosin is basically when you put weed between two hot metal plates and you squeeze them together... it’s insane to see but it works. Think of it as making fresh-squeezed orange juice. In this case, my friend squeezed ice hash instead of weed because there’s a much higher return of rosin than when you press weed. Took way too many dabs, picked out some flavors (Topanga OG, Ice Cream Cake, Wedding Cake, and Garlic Cookies), and took off back to LA.


5:30pm — Downtown LA 

Came home to edit a few things on the computer. Smoked about four bowls of the SFV OG I had picked up earlier. Then I got ready and headed to my friend’s birthday get-together.

8:00pm — East LA

At my friend OGEE’s house... started it off by smokin some new OG Kush he had. We smoked some bowls out of his massive US Tubes bong… Then birthday shots. Then we rolled a craaaaaazy joint — with about 3 grams of the SFV OG, about .8 of a gram of keef, and about a full gram (at least) of Cookie Clear Concentrate. This joint was unreal. The video is just a glimpse of it. 

3:00am — Downtown LA 

Got home from my friend’s birthday. Smoked maybe 5-7 bowls and then passed out. That’s all I remember. 

This day was honestly one big blur… dabs, bowls, and joints non stop! I got to see some friends I haven't seen in a while and catch up. Overall, it was a dope-ass day.


DAY 2 — Wednesday

10:00am — Downtown LA

I had to wake up and get another PO Box because the one I have sucks! Smoked two fat bowls of the King’s Kush (see above photo) and headed to Los Feliz to get the P.O. Box. 

12:00pm — Glendale 

I smoked a few bowls outside a restaurant, and got a Black Bean Burger. This place makes it exactly like a Big Mac... it’s so fuckin good!


1:30pm — Arts District LA

I stopped into Cannabal City Collective to pick up some weed and pre rolls. I’m about to hit 50k subscribers on YouTube this week, so I thought I’d do a huge giveaway around LA to say thanks for following. I’m literally going to walk around LA and hand out free weed.... I love California. 

I picked up an ounce of weed, all in one-gram jars, for the giveaway. They gave me Key Lime Pie, OG Sap, Tahoe OG, and Banana Split — all grown by 3C Farms. You can peep a photo of the giveaway stash below, as well as the giveaway video which was filmed after I wrote this diary. 


5:30pm — Downtown LA 

Smoked a joint of Billy Kimber OG with my homie Jay SSB.... it was straight gassy!!! Then, we took some fat dabs of hash rosin that almost ended my day ahahaha.


Watched The Office and edited some YouTube videos for about three hours. I must have smoked at least 10-15 bowls, but I honestly never count how many. I got high as hell; that’s all that matters.


DAY 3 — Thursday

10:30am — Downtown LA

I woke up and got on my Instagram live… smoked a bunch of bowls and talked to people for a bit. I love being able to talk to fans directly and not just in the DMs. If you didn’t know, Instagram deletes my account non-stop, so fans have to keep finding my new accounts. I’ve been deleted 19 times and the fans are still here to support me. I love you guys! Then I went to the gym. I always get extremely high before the gym because it makes it way less boring. Try it sometime.

3:00pm — Downtown LA

I’m sure you guys have seen the video Seth Rogen posted online of him hitting that insane-looking bong. Well, those guys are called Stunden Glass. I’ve been making a lot of YouTube videos lately, so I asked them if they would like me to review the same bong as Rogen on my channel. They said hell yea and happened to be in LA, so they came to my house and we did a full review on the gravity bong. It was one of the coolest things I’ve ever smoked out of. While filming, I didn’t realize how many times I was hitting the piece. By the end, I was slightly dizzy, but in a good way ahahaha. 

6:00pm — Fashion District LA

I went to BREAL.TV with my friend Ratcheton, an up-and-coming artist. He was doing an interview about getting a record deal and his new single “Que Lo Que,” so I went to smoke it up and see everyone because I hadn’t visited the studio a bit. I smoked a fat joint of the SFV and chilled while they did the interview. Then I smoked joint after joint of the King’s Kush while standing next to B-Real’s legendary smoke-box car. Everyone at the set was either filming or smoking… such a dope place to be! Then we took off back to my house.

9:00pm — Downtown LA

My friend OGEE came by my crib to hang out. Out of nowhere, this guy busts out a 14-gram joint... all Venom OG. And yeah, that was not a typo. It was a 14-gram joint!!!!! OGEE is a monster when it comes to smokin’. So we sparked it up and hot boxed my house!

Last month, I smoked a 40 gram joint on YouTube by myself, and it was sooo damn harsh. Hitting the 14 gram made me relive that horrible experience ahahaha.

Just like every time I hang out with OGEE,  I got belligerently high. After that much smoking, I just wanna chug water and fall asleep. I know it’s pointless, but we still smoked hella bowls after that joint. It was an awesome smoke out!

11:00pm — Downtown LA, cont. 

My girlfriend passed out early, so I watched The Office and smoked bowl after bowl laughing at Michael Scott. Great way to end any night.

DAY 4 — Friday

10:00am — Downtown LA

Smoked some bowls of Venom OG. I took a few pictures for Instagram and Snapchat (see one above) then answered a bunch of emails.

2:00pm — Downtown LA, cont.

I filmed a video for my YouTube channel titled “How to Get Weed on the Plane.”

Then I started editing (I hate editing). It literally took hours for me to edit trailers for my YouTube videos. I was making little snippets to post on Instagram and Snapchat, so I can tell my followers about the new full-length videos. The cross platform promotion works well for me, but I hate editing. It’s so time-consuming. 

I smoked a few bowls of 3C Farms’ OG SAP flower. That was my first time trying it. It burned super clean, and tasted like jet fuel. Strong gassy and even lemon-y taste. That’s honestly my preference with OG strains. The softer lemon taste is OK, but I’ll take the gassy fuel all day everyday. Like all gassy OGs, this flower made me sleepy and want to chug water again! Ultimately, it made editing a lot less shitty ahahaha.

9:00pm — Hollywood 

I ended up going out to smoke with a few friends at a dope-ass spot.... You can drink, eat, and in certain parts of the restaurant you can smoke weed!!! (I won’t say where it is for obvious reasons).

So we rolled up at least 10 grams of Venom OG. Everytime we lit a big joint, people at the restaurant looked over all mesmerized. The size of the joints must have shocked them! It was hilarious. This glam rocker dude kept trying to hit the joint, so we finally let him. He hit it once, coughed, then stood up to walk away. He almost fell down, then immediately left the restaurant ahahahaha. So we all got extremely high, had some drinks, then headed back to my house to smoke more.... fun Friday night.

DAY 5 — Saturday

11:00am — Downtown LA

Woke up slightly high and dehydrated as hell. I know I’m an adult and all, but I didn’t drink water last night. Instead, I drank One’s Love — “medicated” lemonade ahahaha. It’s my friend’s company and honesty I love em, but I always drink too many and then the following day feels blurry.


3:00pm — Hollywood 

I needed to go grocery shopping, so I hit up Sprouts in Hollywood. But before I went in, I smoked some bowls in the parking lot. Even though I know smokin’ before shoppin’ is a bad idea, I still do every time! So 45 minutes later — and about 12 unnecessary items later — I headed home.

6:00pm — Downtown LA

I started making spaghetti, but not regular spaghetti. I added good ol’ medicated olive oil (thanks again, One’s Love!). So while I was cooking, I smoked some bowls and my girlfriend restarted Sex and the City. I gotta admit — it’s pretty damn good.


9:30pm — Culver City 

I went to meet up with a new designer to work on a new collection for my clothing company, Push Trees. I knew it was a really good meeting because we didn’t smoke any weed... just talked business and the game plan for upcoming drops. 

After the meeting, I met up with my girlfriend (also known as “Stoner Dottie”) to head home. She was at a CBD facial party in Hollywood. LA is insane sometimes!

11:30pm — Downtown LA

My girlfriend and I smoked endless bowls together and watched South Park. She never really watched it and I’m always down to rewatch all of ‘em!

When MERRY JANE asked me to do this Consumption Report, of course I was stoked. But I really wanted to show you guys some dope stuff. My favorite times are when I wake up and have to think hard about what happened that night before... that’s when you know you smoked it up!

Stunden Glass called me before they left LA to give me one of their pieces… seriously such a fun way to smoke. Testing their wares was one of my favorite parts of the week — new-era gravity bongs for the win!


Also, I have all-new clothing and accessories coming this spring via Push Trees. I can’t wait. Keep your eyes peeled for some new drops, and stay up on my YouTube Channel — I’ll continue pumping out videos non-stop this year. Seriously, though, I love what I do. Capturing my life on camera was never something I expected, but damn if it isn’t dope as fuck! 

If you wanna smoke up with me daily, follow my social media accounts: Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, Twitter.

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Dope as Yola
Dope as Yola is a cannabis personality, “weedfluencer,” and content creator born and raised in Merced, California. He recently moved to Los Angeles to continue his career… where he literally gets paid to smoke weed. Dope as Yola is most known for the comedy skits, weed photos, and memes he posts on social media, but he also owns a popular clothing company called Push Trees.
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